Telltale's Walking Dead Adventure Can Be Yours For 5 Instalments Of 400 MS Points

Telltale explores the dark recesses of an already dark universe next month, when the first of five weekly instalments of The Walking Dead hit PC, Mac, Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation 3.

That's right, no staggered release for this Telltale epic. The Walking Dead is officially a thing, creator Robert Kirkman officially looks cuddly, and players on four different platforms will soon be exploring the stories that exist in the periphery of the comic continuity.

Each of the five episodes will be priced at 400 Microsoft points, with a pre-order "season pass" available in Telltale's online store for $US22.49, with each pass purchase signing fans up for a chance to win a cameo as a killable character in the fourth episode.

Mostly I just wanted to point out the gameplay footage in this first trailer, featuring a style much closer to the original comic than any live-action television show could get.


    Sign me up! just when season 2 ended it was becoming awesome, hopefully this can tie me over :))

      too bad season two was 11 and a half episodes of boring soap opera for about 1 and a half episodes of awesome

        Shame people like you can't just piss off, you don't like the show good for you, doesn't matter that it's still one of the highest rating cable shows (trumping Mad Men and Breaking Bad on AMC, as well as HBO's Game of Thrones with triple the amount of viewers)... so they must be doing something right!

        And by awesome you mean "zombies eating flesh'n'shit dude!", right?
        The series is not about zombies. It is a post apocalyptic survival story WITH zombies. When you understand the difference, you'll understand the show.

    That video did nothing to educate me on the game. What a poor trailer.

    or you could just watch the first 14 or so minutes of the game right here.

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