The 18 Games That Actually Use The IPad's Fancy New Screen

The new iPad is faster than its predecessor, sure, but the main selling point is its glorious retina display. Problem is, nearly every game on the App Store was designed for the previous models, meaning they're not exactly making the most of that 2048 x 1536 resolution.

Some developers, though, were either ready for the upgrade or have reacted very quickly, and so at time of posting there are a few games that will actually show at the iPad's new, higher resolution.

Those games are:

Infinity Blade II, $US6.99

Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy, $US4.99

Galaxy on Fire 2 HD, $US9.99

Mass Effect Infiltrator, $US6.99

Flight Control Rocket, 99¢

Real Racing 2 HD, $US2.99

Foosball HD, $US2.99

Touchgrind BMX, $US4.99

Labyrinth 2 HD, $US7.99 / Lite Version

Joining Hands, $US2.99

Woodroid HD+, Free

Letris Power, Free

Monsters Ate My Condo, 99¢

Save the Pencil HD, 99¢ / Lite Version

Tractor Beam, 99¢

FMX Riders, $US2.99

Lab Solitaire, 99¢

Parlour Solitaire, Free

Sure, some of those are junk, but those titles at the top are some of the best available for the platform, so it's nice seeing them already taken care of.

To see an example of the difference, here's Epic's Infinity Blade running on both the new iPad and its predecessor.

List of Games Updated for the New iPad Retina Display [Touch Arcade]


    As soon as I read this, I downloaded every single free one on that list =p

    "some of those are junk" try the whole list but 4? And ME looks good but apparently plays horridly..

    The resolution jump hasnt helped with Infinity Blade 2 much.. looks a bit sharper but once again thats it..

      please be the hero and let us know which four aren't ?

    Asphalt 6 said it had been updated for retina display, I haven't played it yet, but I didn't really notice any difference in real racing 2 HD on the iPad 3

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