The Art Of The Death Of The Manual


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      Dear name troll,
      If you dislike Mr Plunkett's articles, then I suggest you stop reading them.

      PS I've reported your comment because that sort of thing is -
      a) not contributing anything useful or interesting to any discussion anywhere, &
      b) immature, needlessly rude & uncalled for.

    how the fuck is this game news?

      because game manuals have suffered the same fate...



    I have been thinking this as of late. I used to love getting my game and reading through the booklet. The last good manual i got was with dragon age origins. I miss a good game manual.

    I want to stress that I do like the article a lot, and I'm always a fan of art about changes in culture, but I'll be damned if I let your use of the word "literally" slip so easily. As in many cases where "literally" is thrown about, perhaps "figuratively" could have been used instead. Or neither, since it's... you know... art, which has license to blend the real and the imagined as it wishes.

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