The Best Doom Painting Ever Is In John Romero's House

This is a painting of Doom, one of the greatest games of all times. And surely this must be one of the coolest video game paintings of all time.

It hangs in the home of Doom co-creator John Romero, who kindly took several high-res photos of the artwork for us and sent them along.

Romero explains the artwork's origins:

"It was a gift about 10 years ago, and was painted by a Chinese art professor in Shanghai. There was an expensive furniture store in Dallas called "Trees of the Field", and they could make you a real oil painting if you gave them a photograph. The kind you would hang above your fireplace in your mansion, so to speak. They send the photo to their contact in Shanghai who has a network of Chinese art professors who do paintings at night for extra money. As you can see, they do a very literal translation of the photos they get!

This is the only painting of DOOM that I know of that's painted in pixels.

He added that this one was signed by an artist who called themselves Jackie.

The painting is now owned by Romero and his partner in crime, Brenda Brathwaite, who both run game development start-up Loot Drop.

Awesome artwork. Credit to Brathwaite for first Tweeting about the painting yesterday.


    Why has he got the god mode cheat on?

    I have a canvas in my living room with the original Doom logo. I had it made up by a company in Hong Kong and sent over.

    Do you mean the guys teaching arts degrees have to work second jobs to make money?

      Ha, why do you sound surprised?

        Exactly. Jackie Chan is allowed to have a casual night time job to help pay his rent if he wants to.

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