The Dev Behind Crysis Is Making A Mobile Game, And It's Not What You'd Expect

Crysis has long been a benchmark for PC hardware, a high-octane series packed to the brim with nasty aliens and powerful graphics.

So it only makes sense that developer Crytek's next project is a cartoon game for your phone. Coming soon to iOS and Android, Fibble is a physics-based puzzle game starring adorable extraterrestrials with names like Byte and Vroom.

Speaking in a press release, Crytek CEO and President Cevat Yerli called the new project "an incredibly exciting step".

"The way that people play games on mobile devices is a real blessing," he said. "This allows us to get back to our roots, experiment and focus our energy on creating great gameplay experiences while still keeping Crytek's high production values."

Hope my iPhone's graphics card can handle it.


    Love the look of this! Man, I'm gonna have to get something that can play all these games at some point... *looks sadly at my old nokia phone*

    Looks great - so if the gameplay is good Crytek could be onto another winner.

    looks amazing, always loved games that take this approach...
    Airfix, Revolt!, Micromachines etc. all had a certain value purely based on the settings, so this could be a winner

    reminds me of Kororinpa on the Wii

    So preeeeety

    I'm guessing a version of the standard teeter, roll the marble to the goal kinda thing

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