The FBI Is Making Virtual Crime Scenes With The Tech Behind Gears Of War

The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation is using the Unreal Engine to create simulations and other training programs, BBC News reports today.

Unreal is the technology behind games like Gears of War 3 and Mass Effect 3. According to the BBC, the FBI will use it to create "virtual multiplayer crime scene[s] in which its agents can carry out training simulations," among other things.

And here I thought Gears of War was good enough for the FBI. I guess they're too fancy to train for combat against aliens like us civilians.

Unreal games engine licensed to FBI and other US agencies [BBC News]


    Please please please let them create a future press release detailing how a crime lord was pwnd and a fag.


      And how the victim in another case was the subject of some sweet payback because he had teabagged the opposition in the previous round.

    So FBI using Unreal Engine ties directly to GOW how? Its certainly used for many other 3d games and applications.

    Also I'm mad because I feel like the author is expecting I don't know what the Unreal Engine is.

      "Unreal is the technology behind games like 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand and the now defunct Ragnarok Online 2: The Gate of the World."


    Änd that, sir, is how we defeated the one they call "The Illusive Man""

    Seems pointless and time consuming but alright

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