The Future Of Mirror's Edge Is Still Frustratingly Vague

What's the future of Mirror's Edge, that flawed but beautiful cult-favorite of a first-person parkour game?

That question is nearly mandatory for any interview with a person of power at Electronic Arts and its development studio DICE, so of course I asked it last week when I was supposed to be interviewing studio manager Karl Magnus about his studio's new Battlefield stuff. (More on that later).

Here's the latest. Warning: it's a Rorschach blot:

"At DICE we are dedicated to making games, not just Battlefield games," Magnus said.

Then he asked me if I wanted a sequel.

Of course, I blurted, but what about you guys? You must get asked this all the time, I suggested.

That's true, he laughed, and added: "We are constantly looking into and trying new things. Mirror's Edge was one of those tries. We're super-proud of the game. It wasn't a big commercial success from that point of view, but we're super-proud of what we managed to do with the first-person movement and these kinds of things. We love the universe and [Mirror's Edge heroine] Faith as a character and so forth. You have to wait and see what the future holds. We're not going to confirm anything now, but we're definitely considering all ways forward for the studio."

Mirror's Edge was released in 2008.

If you're tracking this, EA CEO John Riccitiello told us in late 2009 that a sequel was in development but "at a crossroads".

In mid 2011, EA Games label chief Frank Gibeau told PC Gamer, "We're actively looking at how to bring it back in the right way". (And it's running on the Battlefield 3 graphics engine? The Official PlayStation Magazine rumoured that.)

At this point, we're taking bets on which will happen first, Mirror's Edge 2 or Ubisoft's Beyond Good & Evil 2. Hey, at least Mirror's Edge got an iOS spin-off.


    What specifically was flawed about it? Can't help but feel I'm missing something here...

      Trjn has opinions on this. I don't agree with him. I thought it was incredibly brilliant! :)

        The combat is a problem. Mechanically is just didn't work that well and we've gone on about this one more than enough times :p

        The plot was also rather butchered and some of the level designs, particularly the indoor areas, could have used improvement.

        Flaws but not game breaking ones. For some reason it was just a title that didn't catch on but there is an almost cult following still pushing for the sequel.

          Actually the combat is really good. I've beaten the game about five times, and only on my fifth playthrough did i realize the usefulness of the sidestep jump (a special dodge technique). It made the combat a lot more interesting for me. Its the best use of hand to hand combat in a first person game so far.

      The main flaw about the game was how it contradicted itself in its own game play. At the start you are constantly told you should evade your gun toting persuers yet soon changes to you having to take them out in hand-to-gun combat.

      There are other problems. Do not get me wrong, I personally like the game inspite of its faults. It's work time on my end so if you like, see my blog post for my full reasoning of the game:

      Edge has a new article on ME. Check it out here -

    LOVE the parkour
    HATE the gun fighting

    I'd be excited to play a sequal though :)

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