The Infinite Sadness That Comes When The Game Updates End

The Infinite Sadness That Comes When The Game Updates End

Recently the developers of the procedural PC playground game Terraria announced that updates for the game would be ending. It was a crushing blow to commenter Jezuz. Share his desolation in today’s Speak Up on Kotaku.

I’m… I’m not sure why, but after finding out (quite late, at that), that the developer of Terraria was no longer going to release any more updates, I started crying heavily for about 10-15 minutes.

Two things need clearing up here.

I’m not a mega-Terraria fan, it’s just one of those “I play it once and a while for about a week non-stop and love every second of it then wait for a big update to come out” type of games for me.

And secondly, I cried. Not just, crying, I felt true dysphoria over it, to the point that water streamed from my eyes for multiple minutes of time.

I was, an am, just… sad. I had hoped the game would keep expanding, keep going, keep releasing new iterations… But, this is showing a deeper point of these “new age” PC games. The procedurally-generated worlds that these games sit in, perhaps make us feel like these developers are perpetually going to proceed in generating new worlds and content for us.

How sad to think that Minecraft some day will be nothing but solid code, never being touched by the original creators for anything more than fond memories. How sad to think that Terraria‘s code is now… solid. It’s no longer content fluid, it is a solid game. We paid for it, and it is now… a game that is complete.

Odd that something so basic, can be so cripplingly sad if you’ve never thought of it before. If you’ll excuse me, I need to compose myself before I go and… Sit here for a few more hours.

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  • This just adds to my theory that one day “MMO” and “DLC” classifications will merge and a new genre of “premium games” will emerge where you pay a subscription for people to be constantly updating it.

  • Wow, with the other more serious problems in the world glad to know someone still has time to cry over a video game not receiving more updates.

    I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

    • So instead of actually devoting your efforts to solving those problems you’re just going to sit there complaining about other people not doing it?

      That’s why I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

  • Why don’t they release paid expansions or DLC? Seems odd they they would just stop supporting such a popular game..

  • Geez Mike gtf over it.
    This is a brilliant game. FOR TEN FREAKING DOLLARS!!!!!
    So it wont have content infinately streamed into it just in case some gamer gets bored sometime in the future. BFD.
    Did I mention that it’s only $10? Or that it’s a brilliant game? Worth far more???

    Geez. Talk about spoilt biartches. Just stop ya whinin, buy the damn thing and start digging! kthxbai.

  • A number of the developers that worked on Terraria, including one of the leads, have gone on to form a new studio and are now working on a game that massively expands on the ideas laid down in Terraria. It’s being called Starbound.

  • Im just grateful that after releasing it they stuck around and pretty much doubled the amount of content in the game. Thats some pretty decent support, especially when all of that content was free as well, no DLC or expansions. For a mere 10 bucks (or even less on one of the many steam sales) you get much more than your money’s worth.I almost feel bad for how cheap it was, I feel i should go buy it again just to support the developers.

  • Do they have any mods for Terraria? I know that’s not the same as updates but I would like to think that someone who has the capability (not me) is able to tweak the game to increase it’s lifespan. e.g. build things like vehicles, planes and spaceships. Or make a change so you jump in a space ship and fly to a smaller world to mine some really precious materials. I would pay someone to do that.

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