The Kinect Star Wars Dancing Minigame Is Even More Horrifying Than I Imagined

The Kinect Star Wars Dancing Minigame Is Even More Horrifying Than I Imagined

Ignore the podracing and duelling portions of this Kinect Star Wars video and jump directly to around :50 in the video. I probably should have apologized first. Too late now.

Whatever reasons I might have had to purchase Kinect Star Wars, this negates each and every one of them. I had heard of this dancing game. I’ve even witnessed a slightly more acceptable version of the minigame in action. That didn’t seem so bad.

This, however… I’ve never been so embarrassed for a pair of actors in my life. I want to gather both of them in my arms and tell them it’ll be OK, but that would be a cruel and terrible lie.

If you must buy an R2-D2 styled Xbox 360, I suggest opening the package on the way out of the store and letting the game “accidentally” slip out. Accidents happen. This video is living proof.


  • star wars appears to me like a ragged old prostitute that has been “done over” so many times that it just doesn’t even try any more…

  • Stormtroopers. The bad guys of your many childhood memories. Despite a terrible aim they were feared throughout the galaxy…but what the hell, WHAT THE HELL is this! How is this canon? or even star warsy? When they said dancing minigame i thought it would be that weird singing alien in Jabba’s palace in Return of the Jedi, that would make sense, but this? THIS! this is an outrage to the entire franchise,

  • That looks truly awful. I cannot believe that MS and Lucas have sunk so low. Excruciating to watch.

  • I knew the dancing feature of this game would be horrid after I saw that earlier trailer with the female dancers and Princess Leia I would like to relate this to the U-Draw however in concept for Kinect Star Wars is alot better concept that of a wired Stylus pad.

    However it will no doubt fail as much as U-Draw.

  • I can imagine the jaded diehard buy everything Star Wars fans flailing in front of this thing with a look of pure anger on their faces.

    But they’ll play through the whole thing because they HAVE to.

  • After all these comments I was expecting the worst thing I’ll ever see, and sure enough the first two bits of gameplay were nothing special…

    But then it got to the dancing part and I’m going to be honest, the was one of the funniest things I’ve seen all week. The fruity dance coupled with stormtroopers jiving to a pro empire version of YMCA is pure gold and is now the main reason I’m considering buying this 😀

  • I think it just happened. I think I no longer can self-identify as a star wars fan… it hurts a little… but I think I’m going to be alright.

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