The Kotaku Mixtape Vol. 3: Jazz In Games

Bombastic, orchestral soundtracks are great and all, but they're not always what's called for in a game. Sometimes you need something a bit more laid back - a bit more cool.

Sometimes you just need a little jazz.

Today on the Kotaku Mix Tape, we're listening to some of the best jazz that gaming has to offer. From Godot's relaxed, arabica-scented theme from Phoenix Wright to the Elsa's Torched Song from L.A. Noire.


Phoenix Wright - Godot - The Fragrance of Dark Coffee - Gyakuten Meets Jazz Soul

The Grim Fandango Soundtrack - Mr. Frustration Man - Peter Mcconnel

Final Fantasy XIII - Pulse De Chocobo - Masashi Hanamazu

Halo 3 ODST - Rain - Martin O'donnell, Michael Salvatori

Gitaroo Man - Bee Jam Blues - COIL

Chrono Trigger - The Brink of Time- The Brink of Time

Bayonetta - The Gates of Hell - Bayonetta OST

L.A. Noire - Torched Song - Claudia Brücken

Oh, and be thankful I didn't make you listen to the smooth jazz version of the F-Zero theme.


    What a coincidence, I just finished PW3 last night. The last PW game I needed to complete (since I needed to import it).

    Good stuff

    Most Japenese Jazz songs are a rip off of American music, a lot are rehashed theme songs from old TV shows and movies. At least thats what i have noticed

      Really? Name 5?
      Do you want to include all the jazz used in Japanese anime?
      Fail comment is fail.
      Then again, I'm sure you're ignorant enough to think that anything new has come out of the pop genre for the last 30 years...

    Oh man I love that Phoenix Wright Jazz remix album. So good!

    A very good list, but it would be perfect with One Night in Neo-Kobe from Snatcher.

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