The Ladies Of The Tokyo International Anime Fair

This weekend, the Tokyo International Anime Fair rolls through Tokyo Big Sight. The annual event showcases new anime, as well as artists and voice actors.

There are goodies to purchases and reveals of upcoming products — plus sticker covered "itasha" automobiles and cosplaying booth companions.

Sister site Kotaku Japan attended TAF's business days, snapping a slew of pictures. For more info about this year's TAF, check out The Japan Times' coverage. Pics in the gallery below!

3次元の制服少女もたまらない。東京国際アニメフェアのコンパニオンさんたち [Kotaku Japan]

カッコイイもカワイイもあるよ! 『マクロスF 』や『レーシングミク』などのフィギュアあれこれ [Kotaku Japan]


    That Last Exile "Vespa" made me want to hump it >.>

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