The Love For Gaben Has Gone Too Far

The internet has a great love affair with Gabe Newell, who it affectionately calls "Gaben". Love posters, love emails and love collages of Gaben have surfaced with a somewhat awkward frequency.

This video might be pushing the boundaries of "playfully awkward", but in the best, most hilarious of ways. The facial expressions are surprisingly well-suited to the dancers and their movements, too.

Gabe is known for a very embracing, positive attitude to his fans'... endearing behaviour, so hopefully he enjoys this video as much as I did.

Gaben Dance video [Reddit]


    Too far, or not far enough?

    I also think I liked the Gabe and Notch video more:

      Definitely not far enough!

    wow, this report is about 5 years late

    Yeah this is quite old... Me and my friends were laughing at this like 3-4 years ago I swear. :S

    i hate you tina

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