The Many Unused And Unseen Faces Of FemShep

The Many Unused And Unseen Faces Of FemShep

Before the default female Commander Shepard received her very public and slightly drastic makeover, artists had to come up with a ton of ideas on just what she could/would look like.

While those designs were eventually whittled down to six, which were voted on by fans, artist Jason Chan (who we’ve featured on Fine Art here on Kotaku previously), the man behind the official images, has shared what a lot of the unused and unseen concepts looked like.

It’s…interesting. Look closely and you see that there were wildly different variations on the theme, spanning races, faces and features.

Take a step back, though, and they’re an army of scowls, unified by cranky eyebrows. Well, most of them are. If you squint (or click below to embiggen), you’ll see that some, realising they are the star of a blockbuster video game franchise, are actually smiling.

You can see more of Jason’s art at his personal site.



  • None of them really have the grizzled veteran look that Shepard really should have, and that the male variant embodies reasonably well.

    Half of these look more like mopey teenagers rather than battle-hardened soldiers.

  • They mostly look like the same girl with different skin-tones or hair-dos. They very obviously wanted to go in a vampy teenager direction from the get-go.

  • I feel like I’m part of the problem, When I was choosing I knew she didn’t look like a battle vet but I couldn’t help myself and I chose based on which I thought was the most appealing.


  • Is it just me or does she look like a cartoon character when put side-by-side with male Shepard? It’s a bit silly looking…

  • FemShep > Man Shep.

    When I first played ME2 I could only sit through 10 minutes with Man Shep because the voice acting was so painful.

  • I really wish half these hairstyles had made it into the game, for me there’s only one, maybe two options that don’t look really bad. They improved the graphics of the same so much and yet the hair still looks so badly shaped and textured. Bethesda are just as bad. Was a bit disappointed when creating my femshep that the box hair isn’t even IN the game!

  • I think the over the top eyeliner is what makes her look less soldier-like. My Shepard has the most minimal eye makeup the game would allow me to have, as she’s in the middle of a war dammit, and she doesn’t have time to worry about her shore-leave luxuries on this mission. Of course, as usual, this is up to everyone’s interpretation. But all of the drawn Shepards above have rather heavy makeup, apparently we weren’t given a choice about that.

  • So is this what they were doing during the ‘design Tali’s true face’ portion of development?

    “Oh, crap! Guys! We’ve been making hundreds of Shepettes and totally forgot about Tali! Curses!”
    “Quick! Google something! Fire up the photoshop! We’ve got 15 minutes!”

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