The Metal March Of Mech Games Must Continue

Armored Core V just hit stores, Hawken, Reign of Thunder, and a new Mechwarrior are in the works, but is that enough? Commenter Tem Dejima doesn't think so, calling for more mighty mechs in today's Speak Up on Kotaku.

We need more mech games this generation. The current consoles (and PCs obviously) have the power to give us REAL mech games. Watching the screen shake as you walk. Bullet casings that could fit a person in them flying as machine guns blare. Mechs that actually feel like they have WEIGHT to them. We've got Mechwarrior coming, but I've never been a real fan and Hawken looks gorgeous, but the physics look like guys with jet packs and mech skins.

I want a game that plays like this video. I'm hoping Armored Core V doesn't disappoint. I can't wait to get my hands on it.

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    And if all the boys and girls are really good we might end up with Solaris not being location based too.

    This is all just too beautiful. *sheds a tear*

    I doubt you'll even read this let alone respond to it. but I'm curious what it is about Mechwarrior you haven't been a fan of. Because if you want a game with a real sense of weight to it's mechs, Mechwarrior is it.

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