The Microsoft Device That Could Transform Gaming

An anonymous source has just forwarded us a patent, filed by Microsoft in Australia, for a head mounted display (HMD) that could have multiple gaming possibilities. Similar to the patent discovered earlier this week, the head mounted display projects images in front of your eyes via a pair of glasses.

This particular patent is for automatic text scrolling on a head mounted display, and provides further evidence that Microsoft is actually working on some kind of glasses device.

The patent refers to possible "video gaming" and "entertainment" uses for the devices, but it primarily focuses on the scrolling technology and its uses for Karaoke, speeches, presentations, and the possibility of reading articles through glasses.

However the patent mentions a sensor that tracks "gaze direction, focal distance" and the "biological metrics" of the user — those metrics could be the user's vocal pitch, heart rate, blood pressure or blood glucose level — crazy stuff. The patent also mentions measuring the dilation of the eyes and responding to that information.

I would very much like to play a game that can respond to that set of stimuli. The possibilities are mindblowing. This is essentially a patent for a device that has the ability to respond directly to how the user feels.

See below for the different ways in which it attempts to track the user.

According to our source, this patent has only been filed in Australia, which is strange. One possible explanation could be that Microsoft may not expect many to search for Australian patents. It's relatively easy for Microsoft to simply go global with the patent later and claim the Australian market was a priority.

Of course, it's worth mentioning that this is simply a patent — this doesn't mean that Microsoft are 100% working on this device, but it's a fascinating insight into where technology could be heading.


    The future! WOooOOoooOOOoo

    On a side note, patent artists really cant draw people can they

      I've always thought that!

      Be thankful. It's the only thing standing between Yahoo! and world domination.

    I couldn't help but feel excited while reading this, not just due to the "anonymous source" part of the article, but other elements like being able to measure the focal distance of the eye, the biometrics and gyroscopic sensors.
    If the display could be configured to align the display with the environment yoou could have the ultimate portable gaming system, one which turns the real world into a video game.
    Imagine cruising to work on a train and picking off monsters on the passing landscape as it whipped past or heading out to the park and racing against simulated sprinters.

    Yeah, my imagination is a bit out there.

    Would this even sell? Some people feel like total dorks already with just the basic headset that comes with their console, I don't see them regularly using this. Same reason why some people hate 3D in movies, because of those glasses. Didn't Nintendo advertise their 3DS with no glasses?

    heart rate, blood pressure or blood glucose level

    *Clippy pops up* "Hi, I noticed you're having a heart attack..."

    how would this work with people who wear glasses, will it be close enough or will we have to wear contact lenses?

      Shouldn't be an issue. I can't think of any nerds or heavy gamers who wear glasses.

    Imagine this combined with Infinite Detail Engine, hey hey

    AR isnt new... people have been doing it for nearly 20 years.

    This game has terrible graphics....

    Would be good to see this in 5 years and else they can do with it then

    Pish tosh! Where's our flying car?

    And for even cooler shit that already exists go to :


    It seems to me the focal depth feature is the new addition: text can appear to overlayed on top of a wall in front of you, instead of having your entire vison relegated to a screen 1 cm in front of your eyes.

    I'd imagine this is going to look like the Splinter Cell Conviction overlays and its main use is going to be for mobile phones/smart phones.

    But for games, we've already got great inputs (conversations in particular) that have never been taken full advantage of. Any more will be just 1 dimensional gimmicks.

    Fig 17A made me splutter in my tea
    Go Flipper McWormyman!

    didnt google announce something like this a few weeks ago.

    MS playing catch up again

    Interesting but I cant imagine Obama putting on sunglasses to make a speech.... Oh wait yeah I can.

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