The Mystery Of The Australian Battlefield 3 PS3 Servers

Since the beginning of February PlayStation 3 owners have been having major difficulties getting online with Battlefield 3, but it's becoming increasingly difficult to find out precisely what's going on, and what's being done to fix it.

Problems arose as early as February 1, with PS3 Battlefield players seeing a massive reduction in servers online. In most games players were struggling to get above one bar of ping in Australia.

"I thought it was just me but looks like everyone has issues," said JOEBEEZ, from the official Battlefield forums. "Ever since monday maintainance my server browser has only shown 10 Australian games, 5-6 being CONSTANTLY EMPTY B2K servers and 4-5 others being conquest and rush which are CONSTANTLY FULL. Ain't that a kick in the pants."

That was February 2, but today, March 5, players have been given next to no info on the situation, or a specific timeframe for its solution.

We contacted EA, who initially sent us to Sony. After some back and forth we received this statement from EA.

EA are aware of the Battlefield 3 PS3 server issue and are working hard to resolve it. We will provide an update as soon as possible. We apologise for the inconvenience this may have caused.

As you'd expect — for gamers who have spent time going through customer service procedures to no avail, it feels like a pretty lacklustre response.

Forum user Fluxburner attempted to do some research of his own, but contact — the hosts of the Australian Battlefield servers — directly. This was March 2, and apparently at this stage, despite numerous enquiries to EA's customer service, i3D had not heard anything about the issues.

That being said, EA does appear to now be attempting to solve the problem. We'll continue to chase and provide any updates when we receive them.


    I bet it was Old Man Jenkins. He's deliberately sabotaging the servers so he can buy the prime real estate they're located on.

    And he would have gotten away with it, if it wasn't for those meddling kids!

    Thanks for shining a light on this, Mark. I've been trying to get some kind of resolution out of EA for weeks and got nothing. Hopefully they'll care about a bit of negative publicity in the gaming media, because they sure don't seem to give a sh*t about their customers otherwise.

    Maybe the current PSN maintenance might do something to fix this issue. Or maybe it won't. Very, very annoying when you've paid for the game and they pull the rug (or the servers) out from under you after just a couple of months.

      Sorry I couldn't find out more.

        Yeah, but I'm not all that surprised. As I mentioned when I emailed you about it, they don't seem to even know (or perhaps just don't care) that there's an issue. And seem pretty disinterested even when people do bring it to their attention.

        I guarantee you they wouldn't let the US servers experience these issues for a month without fixing them. Even if the issue is at Sony's end and not EA's, EA have enough clout to get something done about it if they actually gave a toss.

          Wouldn't EA not giving a toss be the problem though?

      It's actually really disappointing, they seem to be chasing a bouncing ball when it comes to technical issues. They seem to be more interested in balancing and tweaking the flight of a single MP5 bullet than bringing up the servers.

      I'd like to servers to come back up so I can give you a good baggin', Braaains.

    Australia getting screwed over when it comes to games with servers? What a surprise...

    Extremly annoying, enough so, to stop playing the game.

    I've been dealing with EA recently on a matter since early December, after numerous emails stating my issue and where I'm from, etc... The last correspondence I received was them stating that "codes for my region were not available".

    I would have been completely okay with this if this was the first answer I received, but seeing this is the "final" answer after 3 months of "try this", "go talk to these people" or "for me to contact via phone their US support centre" (supposedly I have to make the international call, they won't). it was really quite annoying.

    annyone still playing this pice of shit ? ...........STOP PLAYING MODERN SHOOTERS

    Nice job Mark! I play on 360, but I'm glad you're able to help the PS3 players out!

    EA are attrocious at supporting the online components of their games. Always have problems and they're never transparent on the issues.

    Its not just PS3 that is having issues with Aussie servers Xbox are also having issues. Most days you are lucky to get 12 servers.

      Agreed - that and the weird issue they were having a while ago where you'd randomly lose connection to the EA servers and wouldn't come back up, or you'd finally get into a server and all your upgrades disappeared and reset you back to the start. Good times :)

        Yeah, I've had that issue before on PS3 as well - joining a room and finding that you don't have any of your unlocks etc available. Have never been able to figure out if that's actually a bug (the most likely explanation) or if there are some rooms that just give everybody the same basic kit to provide a level playing field or something.

          That's the conclusion we came to - that maybe the servers were configured to provide a level playing field. But the issue with this is that it isn't reflected within the server settings information you can access before joining. Seems like a bug.

          Another issue with Australian Xbox servers is that there are zero official EA Hardcore servers. Only DICE servers, and only 2 for each gametype, one of which is running Back To Karkand maps. The EA servers vanished earlier this year (or late last year?) and have not reappeared.

          I feel for the PS3 users, and I've been watching their efforts to get an official response on the forums with no luck. Maybe Kotaku can get a proper answer.

            Yeah, the disappearing EA servers is the same issue on PS3. All we have left at the DICE ones, and they all show 1-bar ping. Although they do play a bit better than 1-bar would suggest. Still a bit laggy, but not as bad as you'd expect a 1-bar server to be. But still not good enough, and nowhere near enough of them. And even out of the ones that are listed, a lot of the empty ones give you an error if you attempt to join.

            I think it started around late January / early February.

    I cannot believe EA has gotten away with... well EVERYTHING they do wrong. They are so incredibly unprofessional, yet they respond in the typical corporate 'professional' manner.

    Lol Martin

    I jumped on Friday night to play some BF3 and there were 20+ Dice servers for the AU region how ever all had a 1 bar connection and no players on them...

    My bet, there are no more AU servers :P

    You pretend like you care. I emailed you weeks ago suggesting this as a story and heard nothing. Thanks for finally seeing value in this one month to late!

    EA games that is all

    That sucks, I got the PC version last month but my computer can't handle it, now I hear that I probably can't go back to the console version.

    It was fun while it lasted, I guess.

    That reply you got from EA is the same nonchalant garbage they fed us after a month of complaint. They couldn't care less, and I don't believe they're "hard at work" to fix it, not for a second. They will continue to do the bare minimum for what they consider a captive market. Post PSN maintenance outage & the problem still persists. Who else would you like to try passing the buck to EA? Shameful, greedy, short sighted, fools.

    if i could bump this article i would.

    I keep bumping the forum thread on this. pisses all the non aussie players off, and the issue pisses the aussies off.

    reduced to searching for 3 bar ping servers in japan cause it seems to be the most accurate as far as ping id is concerned.

    ea have dropped me down a crack after countless emails about not getting battlelog on my ps3 it all seems to hard for them every reply has had a middle eastern name it seems like they are having fun messing with my head its very frustating i have battlelog on my pc but i want it for ps3

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