The New iPad Sold 3 Million Units In 3 Days

Depending on your own perspective on mobile/touch screen gaming, this headline will make for interesting or depressing reading. Personally I find it quite interesting. The iPad has sold three million units of the new iPad in three short days.

Considering that Sony proudly sent out a press release announcing the PS Vita had sold 1.2 million after being available in Japan for almost three months prior, we can start to get a real idea of just how ubiquitous the iPad is as a portable device.

"The new iPad is a blockbuster with three million sold―the strongest iPad launch yet," said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing. "Customers are loving the incredible new features of iPad, including the stunning Retina display, and we can't wait to get it into the hands of even more customers around the world this Friday."

I'm not suggesting that the iPad is going to crush all handheld devices in its wake, but it's interesting to see just how massive the gap is between the sales of a multimedia device like the iPad and the PS Vita really is, particularly when the PS Vita is flirting with a similar target market.

Those are truly some incredible/terrifying numbers.


    Funny how many sheep there are in the world....... :-D

    That would be a crazy $1.5 billion, roughly? Perhaps its about time I get an ipad.

      Though the Vita still seems better value. Especially as I would be using both just for gaming.

        I got an iPad 3 (for free). The display is great, but I would choose buttons for gaming any day.

          Sounds like this is the perfect time to by 3 million used ipad2's!.... I know, I know, a used ipad? Eww, don't touch it, what was I thinking. Must be the most disgusting thing you've ever heard, right? Sorry, won't let it happen again.

        If you were getting an ipad for gaming, you won't be very charmed.

        I on the other hand am terribly impressed with my recent purchase of a dual use dildo / screwdriver.

    Same article on all three sites. I am disappoint.

      Makes perfect sense to me. Love kotaku, like giz, rarely read life hacker. When I do though, theres a surpising lack of overlap between commenters. This article would be relevant to all three.

    3 million poorer fools.

    Definitely depressing reading for me. The more I read about stories like this this more I fear for the future of gaming as a whole. If these things start replacing portable consoles, the major consoles will be the next target.

    If the day comes where real gaming is replaced by stupid touch screens, that will be the day I give up gaming. I didn't think I ever would even consider making that choice, but we could be fast approaching the point where I might have to.

    Apple isn't revolutionising gaming. They are ruining it. And all of the iSheep are helping them do it.

      You might be young but this is the way the gaming mass is going. Gaming was never "that" big, I remember when I was younger it was hard to find games. No internet to buy games very few stores had games for sale. And even then most of those games I had. The casual gaming market boomed when there was a market for it which did push some hardcore games but we all know the wii sold heaps. These apple devices will replace gaming for those casual people. Hopefully not many "gamers" will let the "real" gaming market dry up or I too will be forever sad. Hopefully we can keep our "computer games".

        Don't know about you but I'm nearly 32. Been gaming since the Intellivision. I'm pretty aware of how gaming was in the 80's and early 90's.

          Yeah I'm the same, another battle for real games.

      What the hell are you even on about? They're not mutually exclusive. It's not hard to own one of everything this generation, and appreciate them all for their differences and even overlapping similarities. In many ways they enhance one another - it's great. And we're only standing at the bottom of a mountain of great tech that is yet to come - haptics for all buttons and screens, improved Kinect-style interfacing and so forth. The analogue sticks we all like are based super-old technology and I can't wait for their eventual upgrade (and no, that isn't a touchscreen).

      Touchscreens aren't replacing anything unless you want them to. If anything, Vita shows that, as they added a touchscreen as well as enhanced the buttons that already existed to give the best of both worlds. And even then, the touch facility of the Vita is only an evolution of the DS which is what, in it's 8th year now?

      I can't wait until we are at a stage where all this tech is consolidated (not under one company, as that is surely too much of a Brave New World, but rather physically), such that a 'console' is not a stationary piece of your hifi, but are instead pseudo-mobile devices with their own screens and buttons, yet are capable of wirelessly interfacing with TV's, monitors and ideally, power points. Take it with you on the train and keep playing; connect it to your TV when you get home and pull some controllers out of the cupboard to continue your on. As soon as advances are made in storage (both power and data), we will be well on our way.

      It's all good. I really don't understand the myopic, shortsighted and frankly misinformed almost incestuous beliefs people have towards all these things.

        What I'm on about is that I believe gaming is heading in the wrong direction as a result of the boom in mobile (and specifically touch-screen) gaming. I think this current generation of portables will be the last dedicated portable gaming consoles we'll see, they will likely have been completely overtaken by mobile devices by the end of their lifespans. I'm also of the belief that the next generation of dedicated TV game consoles (Wii U, PS4, Xbox 720) may also be the last we'll see.

        Adding fuel to the fire is that more and more developers and publishers are struggling to find sales in the dedicated console markets. Developers are shutting up shop all over the world, not just in Australia. Large publishers like THQ and Atari seem to be sinking. A lot of it has to do with mobile gaming and people expecting to pay a couple of dollars for a game they'll play for 5 minutes on a train. It's getting much harder to sell full priced games to average consumers, and it'll only get harder.

        Most consumers out there are not hardcore gamers like we are, and we are living in a world where average consumers just want cheap and quick satisfaction, and don't care as much about the overall experience like we do. Gaming as we know it I think will die eventually, possibly as soon as the end of the next generation of consoles, and I don't think I like the way the future of gaming is shaping up.

    the big difference, the PS Vita is an actual gaming device, the iPad is only marketed as a gaming device, when really it is only a large iPhone..... the OS still looks extremely crap and out of place on the device.

    I'm way more interested in what's to come for Windows 8 tablets and the next gen of Android tablets.


    lol at the 'roid ragers and insecure PC users feeling threatened by the iPad.

      I love all the usual sheep comments . Yeah guys you were the first to think of it!

        So, because we didn't think of it ourselves, we aren't aloud to share the opinion? As far as I'm concerned, the success of the iPad is down to Apple's marketing. Nintendo did the same with the DS and the Wii - they constructed a marketing campaign to appeal to the average person, rather than to techies or gamers (which could be why I have never seen the interest in them). Consumerist culture did the rest. Face it - would the iPad or the DS have sold the way they did with a marketing campaign targeted at techies and gamers, the "classic" audience for early-adoption devices?

          At least Nintendo still knows its roots, and pushes some hardcore games out. If you never bought into apple fandom you didn't miss much, in terms of gaming.

    Its funny how people gets fool so easily with some marketing!! What would of happen of t

      Very true, it's one of the main reasons I'm lucky to watch an hour of tv a week, it's all full of advertising and s**t you don't want.

      It's also very funny watching an Apple ad on tv, it goes to show how dumbed down advertising is these days, especially their 'It just works' slogan.... yes of course.... my sister has only replaced her iPhone4 four times in the last 6 months due to actual hardware failures. I still have my Samsung Galaxy S from nearly 2 years ago without a single problem. Yet she is still faithful towards Apple.

      New Apple ad campaign: 'It [only] just works [for now]'.

        Don't forget the slogan "If you don't have an iPhone, you don't have an iPhone".

        Whenever I hear that I just think "No shit sherlock".

          oh also the 'if you don't have an iPhone, you don't have Facetime', or some crap like that. Facetime is laughable! smartphones and mobile phones in general have had that for over 5 years now and usable over 2g/3g..... Facetime can't even be used on mobile networks whatsoever, nor can it communicate with non-iPhone users, yet people with an iPhone think it's amazing and revolutionary..... I'm beginning to think a Frontal Lobotomy would make these people smarter.... just saying :P

    The Ipad, and tablets in general, are not reasonably compared to the Vita in terms of 'similar markets'. Whilst there is crossover [eg a lot of gamers probably own a tablet as well, being tech inclined] I don't think that the appeal of the Ipad is as a gaming device per se, rather that it 'plays games as well', and whilst the quality is certainly improving it is still a big leap to call them directly competing yet.

    That said, I am apparently becoming more niche by the day. I prefer the Vita to my tablet or phone. I prefer it to my consoles lately to be honest, but that is a different argument altoghether.

    Its funny how people gets fool so easily with some marketing!! What would happen if the ps vita had the apple logo on it with a tag of 400 bucks? It would be a bargain Huh? People is always judging Sony for selling overprice products when apple is the one ripping of people with their iPads when even their same iPhone with a 200 dollars tag is equally powerful! Sony sales expensive products but always try to add as much new features available to their products when apple could have all the "new iPad" features on the first gen iPad, but rather wanted to add very few features every year so they can keep on ripping off people

      Sounds like someone's a little sad the Vita is not exactly setting the world on fire.

      Good point. I'm tired of apple, and I hate their Macs

        Well he makes a very good point

    I am a proud BB Playbook user, but aren't there only like 4 million Playbooks sold in the world? Wow, three days and Apple's screen update is basically that number already.

    I love how every time there's an Apple article, the trolls feel the need to start shouting "Sheep!", like the people who buy Apple products are idiots who are incapable of making an informed decision, and are only buying it because it's popular, and they must guide the flock to a superior product, because it has like, 0.2Ghz quicker RAM!!! ZOMG! It's far superior!
    Seriously, if tech specs were all that mattered, then the Gameboy wouldn't have destroyed its competition, we would have grown up with Betamax instead of VHS and everyone would only ever use PCs for gaming.


      I'm having a hard time trying to understand your argument here. . .

      you say that 'trolls' feel the need to shout Sheep because 'people who buy Apple products are idiots who are incapable of making an informed decision, and are only buying it because it's popular...' but you argument there after only goes on to support this. Hell i've held on multiple occasions of people buying Apple products just because everyone else had them or, 'because I want to be more tech savvy than my kids', if that is not the definition of a sheep I do not know what is. That's what Apple's market demographic is, market a product to the less tech savvy market goers, make a way of consumer pressure to make it seem like it's something they need, then repeat the process every year or so with a new phone or tablet. Not all people who buy Apple products buy them because they're an Apple product, but you cannot deny that there are a lot of people that do so. . .

        Your post reads like marketing 101 for any consumer product be it Apple , Sony or Microsoft. All marketing is designed to create a demand for a product. Do people really need to buy a PS3 slim ? No but I'll bet quite a few people felt the need to upgrade to it .
        Apple is no different to all other companies. Nobody really needs any electronic gadget like a mobile phone , tablet or game system to live . We all just like to have them and we all fall for marketing in one way or another.

          Yes but Sony and Microsoft do not release a different variant or 'updated' product every year, whether it be iPhone, iPod or iPad. I could see a fair number of people probably did upgrade to the PS3 Slim when it was released, but the difference there is Sony and Microsoft only released one revised version of their hardware, Apple release one revised version a year.

          I hate to say this, but I see it as nothing more than Apple gleefully taking more money from ignorant people who don't realise that they don't need the newest incremental Apple update.

            Samsung Galaxy S: Released June, 2010
            Samsung Galaxy S2: Released May, 2011
            Samsung Galaxy S3: Rumoured to be released May, 2012

            This means your logic now applies to everyone who owns a Samsung Galaxy phone. Do we start attacking Samsung now?

              I never mentioned Samsung though, you did. I'm not going to deny that Samsung update their phones on a fairly regular basis as well, considering their market strategy in that department seems to be 'copy what works' it isn't surprising to see they're working to an annual schedule as well.

              As for attacking Samsung, I vote against. . . you Apple fanboiys are doing a good enough job of that as is.

                "I never mentioned Samsung"
                ....That's the whole point. People attack one company (i.e. Apple) for doing what they do, while conveniently forgetting damn near every other company does it anyway.

                  I blame Apple for initiating (in my opinion) a manupulative business practice that might end up hurting a lot of industries if it ever goes sour. Other people can complain about other businesses being copy cats (which in some cases they are, some cases they aren't) but my major complaint is that Apple instigates this sort of annual release hype for what could be a 'minor' (think iPhone 4S) revision to the hardware, lot of people get sucked into the hype and people give Apple assumably a ludicrious amount of money on an annual basis for whatever they pump out this year.

              Samsung are in the same market as Apple, therefore it's appropriate that they follow the same business model or else they risk being left behind.

              We aren't comparing Apple to Samsung in this article though. We're comparing Apple to Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft. And there's no denying that Apple's system of yearly incremental updates is just trying to extract more money out of consumers when compared to what the big 3 console manufacturers are doing.

              You are 100% right in the sense that if this article instead read "Samsung sells 3 million of its new Galaxy tab", we can make the exact same argument against Samsung. But this article is about Apple, not Samsung, so lets stay on topic shall we?

            Funny I could have sworn Microsoft has released several variant 360s . At least one a year eg the Elite , Halo 3 edition , Gears of War , modern Warfare 2 & 3 , Star Wars .

              Yes but all of those you have mentioned bar the Elite (which in and of itself was just the high end option of the normal 360, think like a 64GB 3G/4G iPad combared to a 16GB WiFi) the others are simply collectors editions of the same console, nothing is different to them bar aesthetics. . .

              When it comes to revisions, there has been only one revised 360, the 360 Slim Line

        but you argument there after only goes on to support this.

        I think the ZOMG part is pointing out that there's a fair few people who cry sheep who are happy to convert the sheep to the product they like with little interest in actually helping them become informed buyers.

        That said I totally agree with your statement that they're going after the non-tech savvy. The entire Apple business model has transitioned to a point where it's basically tailored to prey on non-tech savvy people. Not that tech savvy people are immune to it's charms or that it's a terrible device, just that it's marketting philosphy has shifted to revolve around the idea that they can throw i in front of anything and there's a group of people who will pay double top dollar for it.
        It's like I always say, I love the way Apple make products. Their console like approach is great. I just think their pricing structure is designed to exploit fanboys and people who don't know any better. For the price of a Mac a computer should do a whole lot more than 'just work'.

          Actually there were several revisions to the hardware. HDMI inputs for a start were not on the original 360s. The elites were sold as a high end option around a year after the 360 launch so hardly the same as selling them as a choice from the start like the higher end Ipad options .Then there were the improved motherboards, cpus and gpus eg Falcon,Zephyr. Sure there weren't all exactly advertised but the info thas certainly out there on blogs and news sites.
          I realize the other 360s are just collectors ones but what I 'm saying is that the intention is there not only to get new customers but also to get people to buy another verion of what they already own. Let's face it - a Gears Of Wars 360 is really not designed for the casual audience its for a Gears fan.

            oh I see, this is a response to me.

            I understand that initially the 360 did not come with a HDMI port, that because even though HDMI was released back in 2003, it didn't really become a neccessity until Sony and Toshiba came and backed storeage mediums (Blu Ray and HD DVD respectively) that could utilise the HDMI output. Soon after this and the evident threat from Sony with the PS3 did Microsoft take the effort to revise the design of the 360 to include a HDMI port. It was responding to a need.

            Elites were, if I remember correctly, just a normal 360 with all the additional optional components (Wireless antenna, Large storage device, etc,etc) built in, not really a revision of sorts since you could nearly do the same thing with an average 360 if you bought all the necessary add ons.

            I will agree however that they have revised the hardware multiple times throughout its lifespan, to make the consoles more resistant to the annoying RROD and so forth, but they didn't promote every revision to the extent that Apple does, as you said they weren't advertised, it could be because aside from Nintendo, the main console usually ended up losing the companies money, they made up for through the sale of software. The three companies look to expand and appease their consumer base, not bleed it for every penny they're worth.

            I will accept your comment on the collectors editions though, however I will point out that in most cases these sort of items are usually sold to 'collectors' who buy them and then keep them factory sealed, hoping to resell them at a profit at a later date. That being said it is still only a small margin of fanatics who will go and buy every collector edition or revision of a console for a Microsoft/Sony/Nintendo, for Apple these people seem to make up a large part of their fanbase.

        This is my problem with it too. If every feature of the iphone is what a person needs thats cool, but if people are getting it simply because 'everyone' else is getting it thats just stupid (and as mentioned the definition of a sheep).

        Anyway you cant tell me that everyone wants that size screen, or their phone with that set up or that exact same set of features, which is why i prefer Android. I have many phone choices, screen size, whether it has a physical keyboard, how i interact with the phone etc, i have choices. I dont get those choices with an iphone (and how much internal memory it has is NOT choice), so no iphone for me.

        This is why i believe that apple must not succeed with market dominance. If it were it would mean that i (and those that desire choice) would have no choice in what phone/tablet i can choose, i must have a one size fits all device regardless of my needs or desire from that device. What a pitiful world that would be. Think of a world were everyone drives the same car......

        So long as apple stays on as an alternative, with android a solid competitor i have no problems with the way things are, but my fear is a world dominated by apple (and no competition). That should be a scary thought for anyone. Thank goodness for Google and Android, as i have no intention of ever buying an apple device in my life.

    Oh come on guys, they are a great device. They may be little NEED for them but they look and feel great, just like many other consumer luxury products out there. Yes, there may be 3 million "poorer fools" or "sheep" out there but they have a nice new toy, a situation MOST people here would be familiar with. How many of us NEEDED that last console or video card or pair of shoes or $50 steak? Why the hate?

    Hopefully the this just brings higher resolution to more devices I am happy!

    Who are more revolting, the apple fanboys or their fanatical haters? Hmm. It truly is too close to call.

    This is simply amazing how can people jump at the chance to pay $1000 for this?
    - Only 64GB or storage
    - Still no analogue sticks or buttons
    - No Bluray drive
    As well as a new model every year?

    Yet people are sooo reluctant to pay around $400 for a X360 or PS3, and they run for
    about 5 years or so, before updating.

    I think it should be the other way around, high tech console
    - Bluray drive,
    - NVIDIA GTX580
    - i7 processor
    - 2GB RAM
    - 10GB Solid State Drive (only for game access)
    - 1TB 7200rpm hard drive
    - Direct X 11 support
    - Additional support for cloud computing
    all under $1000.

    The ipad should go for about $350 analysts have shown it to cost about $260 in parts.

    I bet if apple released ipad 4 next month people would still go and blindly buy it from their cult leader
    and they would get Angry Birds and that's all.

      The cost in parts isn't the cost of the product though, there's marketing/research/logistics/manufacturing costs. Of course the apple brand itself costs a couple of hundred.

      I'm not defending Ipad 3, its a rip off if you own a ipad2, but might be okay if you own a ipad1 and actually use it. I know a lot of people that have a tablet but don't really use it. I know a lot of people that are upgrading for the sake of it, and people that want it purely because people want it. I have noticed a lot more people using android phones now, whereas iphone was the cool thing before.

    Amazing! The New iPad is the most popular tablet all over the world!
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