The New IPad's Retina Display Can't Stop Bullets

Apple's new iPad has already sold 3 million units, and it hasn't even been on sale for a week. This is important video game news, but I understand, there are a lot of people who like to pretend that isn't the case.

For them, here is video of a man shooting a new iPad. Not once, but many, many times, with different weapons. It's...immensely cathartic.


    Seems like this guy is a cheap rip off of FPS Russia. Minus the fake accent.

    I don't want to be a cry or moan, but is there a way to simply hide Luke's posts?

      I do wish there was this option to simply filter out certain tags or writers. Bashcraft and Plunkett would be out on their ass.

      Now please stop crying and moaning.

      Yes, there is a simple way, dont like the story then dont read it.

      Luke Plunkett isnt going away just because you and other people dont like his posts.

    Instead of writing a thoughtful article about why the new iPad is important for gaming, here is some video I just found on youtube of some drop-kick shooting an iPad.


      you people just don't get it do you? I challenge you to find ANYWHERE on this site, that says it's a dedicated gaming blog.
      Kotaku gets it's name from a play on the word otaku.. look up the definition sometime. You might learn something.

        Yup. It's because of people like JellyArrow that Kotaku now has the stupidness that is the "kotakucore" tag.
        First two paragraphs.

          my point exactly.. games and gaming culture.. gaming culture encompasses a lot more than just the games themselves. Otaku is most often seen to be about obsessive gamers, but it is more generally about geek culture, ie. manga, anime, figurine collections etc.

            @welbot - Really, and shooting an iPad has something to do with those things you mentioned? If I film myself setting one on fire can it be used for a Kotaku article? Get a clue, dude. These articles are junk and the reason why we get them is because people such as yourself support it wholeheartedly.

            And where exactly did I say Kotaku had to be gaming exclusive blog...? *scans original comment* oh, look, nowhere. I brought up gaming because the author said the iPad is important for gaming, he made the reference to games. You need to learn something: reading comprehension.

            @ McGarnical. I don't know what Kotakucore is. My expectation that a site which bills itself as gaming centric should include gaming news, not random videos from youtube. I never visit the kotaku US site because it's pretty crap. I like the Aus version and the journos here. They deserve to be called game journalists.

            @Ahtaps - How does this have anything to do with gaming or gaming culture? Shooting an iPad is pointless and entirely irrelevant to gaming, its culture, and, frankly, everything else.

            Sorry for having standards. I'll keep my feedback to myself in the future. K?

              I can see that you're not the average tool we see on here, but are happy to use explanation and logic to explain a (valid) point of view. My comment was directed at you simply because you were there. There has been an influx of baseless rude comments directed personally at some of the authors of posts on this site lately and I'm getting a bit sick of it. Sorry to paint you with that brush.

                Swell, I'm not the average tool... Does that mean I'm a more sophisticated tool? :-p I assume that isn't what you meant. :-)

                Well, actually, I should apologise too. To all three of you who I replied to. My response was more sarcastic and rude than it needed to be for me to simply defend my position.

                I honestly just thought it was odd that the author mentioned the importance of iPad for gaming, a legitimate (and controversial) topic for an article, and instead posts a video of someone shooting an iPad. I don't think articles like this improve the gaming community or its culture.

              My comments weren't aimed squarely at you JellyArrow. I just happened to hit reply on your comment. I just tire of the bitching that goes on everytime Luke or bashcraft post something that's a little out of the ordinary. I saw the same vid posted on Giz this morning, which granted, is a slightly more appropriate place for it, but still, it's not like lives will be ruined by it being posted here too.
              Apologies if you felt it was only aimed at you directly.

        "Kotaku Australia, The Gamer's Guide. Computer and Videogame news and reviews."

        Is that STILL not clear enough for some of you?

    i hate you luke

      Another high quality post.

        Lolz, Luke, don't let them keep you down!

          Yeah i know, i haven't done anything and this jerk hates me.

    Personal attacks on the authors of articles has got to stop. Its pretty damn low.
    You don't like a particular contributor, don't click on their stories.
    Got a problem with the content of the site as a whole? Then fuck off to ign or something.
    Don't change what you're doing Kotaku.

      Thank freaking christ i'm not the only one who feels this way

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