The Next PlayStation Is Called Orbis, Sources Say. Here Are The Details.

The Next PlayStation Is Called Orbis, Sources Say. Here Are The Details.

While the official reveal of Sony’s next home console could still be months away, if not longer, Kotaku has today learned some important details concerning the PlayStation 3’s successor.

For one, the console’s name — or at least its codename/working title — is apparently Orbis. And it’s being planned for release in time for the 2013 holiday season.

The details in this story come from a reliable source who is not authorised to talk publicly about next-gen hardware but has shared correct information with us before. What they’re telling us in specifics matches much of what we’ve heard and reported in generalities in recent weeks.


Orbis. Say it out loud. Sounds a little like the word “four”, doesn’t it? Only it doesn’t make the next PlayStation sound like a bad horror movie sequel.

It’s also a name loaded with meaning. The word “Orbis” itself, from Latin, means circle, or ring, or even orbit. Not terribly helpful. Combine it with the name of Sony’s new handheld system, though, and you have the common term Orbis Vita (or, in strict Latin, Orbis Vitae). Which means “The circle of life”. Could the Vita be playing a very important role in the development and use of the next PlayStation home console? Maybe!

Such symbolism also suggests that rather than being a codename, like most companies employ when still developing a console (think NGP, or Durango), this might actually be the machine’s final name. We don’t know that, though, so keep an open mind about things.


Type in and you arrive at Sony’s portal for Vita developers. Same with, referencing the former codename for the Vita. The PS4 version of that address gets you nowhere. PS3 does, as does, though not to any Orbis-specific portions of the site.


  • Is called, or at least carries the working codename, “Orbis”.
  • Is scheduled for a Holiday 2013 release.
  • Won’t be backwards compatible with PS3 games.
  • Will lock new games to a PSN account as an anti-used games measure.
  • New games can be bought either on Blu-Ray or downloaded.
  • Current specs are an AMD x64 CPU and AMD Southern Islands GPU


Our main source supplied some basic specs for the console, but as the future is always in motion, bear in mind these could easily change between now and the Orbis’ retail release. Still, if you’d like to know what developers are being told to plan for now, here you go.

  • AMD x64 CPU
  • AMD Southern Islands GPU
  • The former, that’s largely something we’ve heard before, but the latter is interesting. That’s the name given to many of AMD’s 2012 roster of high-end PC cards. The PS4’s GPU in particular, we’re told, will be capable of displaying Orbis games at a resolution of up to 4096×2160, which is far in excess of the needs of most current HDTV sets. It’ll also be capable of playing 3D games in 1080p (the PS3 could only safely manage 3D at 720p).


    Our main source tell us that “select developers” have been receiving dev kits for the new console since the beginning of this year. Revised and improved versions of these kits were sent out around GDC, while more finalised beta units will be shipped to developers towards the end of 2012.

    That should hopefully give developers plenty of time to have launch games ready for the Orbis’ retail release, which will be in time for the 2013 holiday season. If you can remember the PS3 launch — it’s OK if you can’t, it was a while ago — that too was in time for the holiday shopping season (November 2006 for Japan and North America).


    Remember how the PlayStation 3 swiftly dropped the ability to play PS2 games? Well, our main source tell us the Orbis won’t even bother, and that Sony has no plans to offer backwards compatibility for its existing catalogue of PS3 games.


    BACK IN DECEMBER… A post left on Pastebin back in December also referred to the PlayStation 4 as Orbis, calling it a codename in the same vein as Microsoft’s Durango. The system specs in that post differ significantly from what Kotaku has heard, and the lack of a hard drive by default goes against the idea of downloading full games to the system.

    The Pastebin post also mentions that big name developers like EA were disappointed by an Orbis much less powerful than Microsoft’s next machine, so there’s a chance that it’s the story of an earlier prototype that didn’t make the grade. We’ve reached out to EA for comment.

    Just like the next Xbox/Durango, we’ve heard from multiple sources that the Orbis will likewise have some kind of anti-used games measures built into the console. Here’s how our main source says it’s currently shaping up: new games for the system will be available one of two ways, either on a Blu-Ray disc or as a PSN download (yes, even full retail titles). If you buy the disc, it must be locked to a single PSN account, after which you can play the game, save the whole thing to your HDD, or peg it as “downloaded” in your account history and be free to download it at a later date.

    Don’t think you can simply buy the disc and stay offline, though; like many PC games these days, you’ll need to have a PSN account and be online to even get the thing started.

    If you then decide to trade that disc in, the pre-owned customer picking it up will be limited in what they can do. While our sources were unclear on how exactly the pre-owned customer side of things would work, it’s believed used games will be limited to a trial mode or some other form of content restriction, with consumers having to pay a fee to unlock/register the full game.

    This would allow used games to continue to be sold at outlets such as GameStop, while also appeasing major publishers who would no longer have to implement their own haphazard approaches to “online passes”.

    — –

    That’s all we’ve got for you at the moment. Remember, none of this information is confirmed, and even the information that is locked down in March 2012 may change before the console’s eventual release. This is just what we’ve been told Sony is working on and planning for as of today. That being the case, how do you think it’s shaping up?


  • Backwards Compatibility is one of the reasons I upgrade my consoles! WHAT ARE THEY THINKING?!?!?!?!
    *Waves arms in the airs and runs in circles, circles not of life but of craziness*

    • There is a obvious reason for this. Developers have said multiple times the PS3 is extremely tricky to develop on and that is mainly caused by the systems “multiple core” architecture. Unless Sony wanted to go down the same route again, which they won’t, it is going to be pretty much impossible to emulate PS3 games on another console.

    • At the very least your PSN games should be backwards compatible. If M$ doesn’t carry over existing XBLA games into the next gen they can kiss this customer goodbye. The PS3 not staying BC was one of the reasons I didn’t get it (after having a PS2) If they had’ve kept compatibility I would’ve had more of an incentive to upgrade, as it is though I had to consider all 3 consoles easily.

      Note that BC isn’t the be all and end all though because I did have a gamecube but never bought a Wii, but mostly because the upgrade was minimal!

    • I don’t like the locking of the game to a single account… so basically, if I buy a game, I play it, I finish it, and then my wife wants to play it, she won’t be able to use her own PSN account, she’d have to either use mine, or buy a second copy of the game?

      It seems to me that all these developers (both game and console) are starting to treat their customers with contempt.

      • Do you use Steam?

        As I mentioned below, that’s exactly the same way Steam works.

        You can always let family members play it on your account, or have a shared/central account. The only thing you miss out on is individual trophies.

        • The best thing about the current generation has been personal accounts. That way I didn’t have to worry anymore about family members accidentally messing with or deleting my saved games. To now have to have my kids and husband play on my account so we didn’t have to buy unnecessary multiple copies of a game is a huge step backwards and one I will not willingly go along with.

          • I agree, I love my personal accounts and cloud saving for backups.

            At the moment, I have to buy a game multiple times on steam if it’s on separate user accounts, though. That’s where I’d see this pretty much following suit.

            I’m not saying this is the best idea ever, and if you’re one of the people who dislike the way Steam DRM works, this will be terrible as well.

            I dislike this type of DRM personally, but it seems to be widely accepted and considered “non-invasive” compared to other options, so I can see why there would be a flow through now to other systems.

          • I’m going to give you a rough idea of how this will still work:
            1. You sign in to that different machine on your PSN account.
            2. You continue to sink hoops at your friends house.
            3. Profit??

          • I’m hoping this will be accompanied by a discounting of digi copies.

            It’s somewhat there already with the PSV, if I really wanted to develop my online distro platform and make it the first-choice stop rather than a hard copy place (which I guess most publishers/distros do), I’d see how much I’m saving by not making a physical product (30% maybe?) and make the digi copy cheaper by most of that.

            A 20% price drop for buying it digitally would be a good sweetener, and set them up to face a strong backlash from retailers when they refuse to stock product due to no used games potential/cheaper pricing online.

        • Zap, the difference between a PC (Steam) and PS3 games are: normally you’d be the only person using your ‘personal’ computer. However PS3 has, and always been, marketing as a family-shared entertainment unit. If I pop in that God of War CD it would have my save, my brother’s save and my dad’s save. However if I pop HL2 on the PC it would likely be mine only.

          In this case the Steam DRM makes sense and the PS3 one is way too restrictive for a family unit thing. Unless of course they allow you to link your PSN acocunts to other people – say a max of 5 people can be linked together to create a shared account, or the game can be linked to 5 acocunts. Barring this, it would be heaps inconvenient for everyone involved.

          • They could and are probably mimicking the Xbox live family pass and way of linking things to manage this.

      • Actually Microsoft is planning to remove physical copy of the game to prevent piracy and stop used game sales.

    • When you purchase used games, the developer makes no money. The publisher makes no money. The console producer makes no money.
      This is a way of ensuring that this ends. If you sell games with a sort of 1-use license, and make used-games require the purchaser to get a cheap ($5-10) license to play it, then you ensure that the developers, publishers, etc get paid when the game gets sold.

        • the problem with this is that while they have “made their money” on that copy of the game, when someone buys that used copy, they are *not* buying a new copy, from which the devs/publishers would get their cut.

    • I really don’t think it’ll be unable to play used games. As long as there’s physical media, there will be used games. I think the actual outcome will be more like a mandatory “online pass” type situation where every game has an activation code that needs to be redeemed to be able to play it. Buy a used game and you’ll just have to pay extra for an online pass for it. Considering the online pass thing is rapidly becoming ubiquitous anyway, even on current hardware, this should come as a surprise to nobody.

      I think you’ll find something very similar on the next XBox, too – I’m sure most/all of the major publishers would be pushing the platform holders pretty hard for some kind of action against pre-owned games in the next gen.

      • Given how this has been prevalent in computers for some time (remember back when you had to enter the codes from the box!) I could see this happening but it completely killed off trade-ins on PC

  • What about taking a game to a mates house?
    I’ll need to log-in to my PSN on his console to play said game?

    • or have your profile on a USB stick/memory card, that when plugged into your mates console, has a record of all the games you’ve got assigned to your profile.

  • I fail to see how this new approach to digital distribution is any different than the methodology of Steam.

    You buy a game. It’s locked to your account. You can download it a million times if needed, but only through your account.

    I get the feeling they want to abandon physical media entirely, but it’s just not time yet – so if you want to buy a disc, you can, but then it gets counted the same as if you downloaded it.

    I do like the fact you can buy a hard copy, then register it with your account and download it at a whim in the future – means you don’t need to worry about the disc getting broken down the track.

    So – before everyone gets worked up over the new digidistro approach – keep in mind that this seems to work EXACTLY THE SAME AS STEAM DOES, and we all know how much people love steam.

    • But with Steam you know what you’re getting yourself into. With the PS there was no locking games to an account – so why start now?

      • And before steam there was no content locking either – so i fail to see your point?

        It all starts somewhere

      • Good question.

        I’d assume it’s a development from the PSP and PS3 getting hacked so hard this generation. Locking games to one account, that has to be verified online through their server before play, is probably a fairly strong anti-piracy measure.

        Also, I guess because publishers/developers are of the strong opinion that used sales hurts them. If Sony are releasing a console, they probably need to make sure that the publishers/developers will release games on it – if they have this system and MS/Ninty don’t, they’ll certainly see some developers jumping ship to them.

        Plus, I really do think they’ve taken a look at the Steam model and thought to themselves “That’s really popular. Why not do that? Gamers seem okay with it”

        • OK but I’ve never seen a pirated PS3 game (seen plenty for the Xbox and Wii) so they may have been hacked hard, but it didn’t go anywhere, they won!

    • I don’t love Steam.
      And I hate the idea of a game being locked to one account. I have a family. So I’d have to buy four copies of a game so everyone on my family could play it. This is another case of screwing over proper paying customers for reasons that have nothing to do with them.
      At least with Steam the games are reasonable prices, but four copies of a $60+ game? That’s impossible to justify in any family budget.

      • I don’t like the idea of it either. For people with families, unless you utilise a central account, that’s going to suck.

        But, you can’t fault them for looking at the love Steam seems to near universally receive and copying it.

        It does bring up an interesting side discussion though – wouldn’t this be exactly the way the SteamBox would function if it were released?

        • It may work like the Xbox – If I have an XBLA game (which is similarly tied to my account) all other accounts using that console can play it (I’ve tested this by downloading my gamertag and a bunch of my games on my brother’s console)

    • I don’t really like the account locking on Steam. But the thing is – Steam has competition and consequently the prices are a lot better on Steam than the PSN. If each console is a closed market, the prices are going to be garbage, AND you can’t even share. For me, that’ll be a strong push to PC gaming.

      • When you say it like that it sounds great, we need more people coming over to the glorious PC master race!

        You have to love sony, they think the reason people love steam is the content locking and not the sales where you can buy games like Deus Ex HR for $7.50.

  • No used games? That sucks. So long to picking up cheap bundled console+game deals on eBay. I recently bought like 10 used (like new) games off eBay for under $150, too.

  • No plans for backwards compatibility? fuck you sony, FUCK YOU. It was bad enough when they dropped it from the ps3 and made us buy our favourite titles again as digital copies or as re-released overblown box editions, but to make us do it AGAIN? Fuck knows that the ps3’s hardware doesn’t last that long, so it’s not like keeping it around to play ps3 games is an option, mine is only 4 years old and is on it’s last legs.

    And what is it bringing to the table that’s new? displaying games that run in 4096×2160 which far exceeds the output of even high end tvs? Well that’s handy. What else they got?…. NOTHING. C’mon sony give me SOMETHING to look forward to.

    • Wait….when you buy one of these Orbis’, does Sony then send someone to your house, hunt down any Playstations you previously bought and blow them up??

      • While those aren’t the … words I’d choose, I can understand the sentiment, I’m getting to that point where I should probably consider buying a new PS3 (mine is a now extremely, extremely loud phat, that has noticeably longer load times than my mate’s slim). The idea that there might be new consoles announced in the fairly near future naturally puts me off the idea of throwing down the money for another console of this generation this late, but if it turns out there’s no backwards compatibility I’m basically looking at having to purchase a new PS3 AND an Orbis if I want to both continue to play new games and safeguard my collection.

        Then there’s the ability to simply chuck an old game in the new system instead of needing to go find, plug in, probably set up, your old PS3 to play a game, at the end of a long day if I feel like doing a Human Revolution run through on PS3 but my PS3 is in storage somewhere, I’m probably just going to leave it.
        Ultimately it’s not something they need to include, it’s not the end of the world, and I’m not going to kick an scream about it, but backwards compatibility is a relatively important feature for me and one that could help to sell the system for some people. Certainly without it I’m FAR more likely to wait a good 2 years before picking up a new console, till the price has dropped and the library is decent.

      • How is life in the land of the ignorant?

        The PS3 uses a Cell Broadband CPU and the PS2 uses ‘Emotion Engine’ while this new one is rumoured to contain a x64 AMD. These are three COMPLETELY different CPUs that require different programming procedures to support the different architectures. It is not a software thing and in order to create an emulator on the new system would cost a lot of money and would not guarantee to work for all games so it would require on going support for something that is not going to give anything in return for the company and something that will not operate at its full potential in the first place.

        Knowledge, bro…

    • Sony came to your house and held a gun to your head and made you re-purchase your PS2 games instead of just continuing to play them on the PS2? Man, that sucks. They haven’t got around to me, yet – I’ll have to be more careful when I open the front door in future. Thanks for the heads up!

      “And what is it bringing to the table that’s new? displaying games that run in 4096×2160 which far exceeds the output of even high end tvs? Well that’s handy. What else they got?…. NOTHING. C’mon sony give me SOMETHING to look forward to”

      Errr…. you’re aware that this isn’t an official Sony announcement, right? This is some guy who may or may not know what he’s talking about, providing (partial) information that may or may not be true, and even if it’s true today it might not still be true when this thing actually launches more than 18 months from now (assuming that part of it was true).

      • Wow, sarcasm, you must be really smart.

        Stuff doesn’t last forever – i’m aware of that – and consoles seem to be the worst culprit of this, but by NOT having backwards compatibility and making consoles that seem to only last 4-5 years (which seems a bit meh when you compare it to something like my old dvd player which is still going strong at 7+ years for example) it means if i want to play a game i bought for $100 a few years ago then i will have to buy another console (because the one i have dies at the 41/2 year mark) and another version of the game, only to end up with exactly the same (albeit slightly improved graphics) experience.

        no one is FORCING me to do anything, but by not taking into it consideration (or actively taking it into consideration to squeeze more dollars out of us) and ridding the new hardware of backwards compatibility and making consoles that only last a few years, it isn’t giving me much of a choice if i just want to play some goddamn MGS. I understand this is a great way for them to make money, but it doesn’t mean I have to like it.

        Fair enough this article is only speculation at best, but still what else can sony really bring to the table? a kinect rip off? social media tie in bullsh*t? WHO CARES. Why not spend the time and effort to do heaps of r&d and come up with something that is more of a leap forward. I’m not that excited by a developing trend that seems to be much like mobile phone manufacturers releases, more models, more often with less and less difference in quality and advancement each time. I HOPE it doesn’t come out rushed or half baked to compete with whatever Microsoft is going to prematurely spit out. Oh and somewhat affordable, that would be nice.

    • Or: they’ve seen how popular and supported the Steam approach is on the PC platform, and adopted it due to everyone loving it.

      That’s what people want, right? They complain that Steam is the pinnacle of digidistro and everyone should just use them on all systems. If they’ve copied it directly, that means it’ll be supported, right? They’re only doing what everyone wants.

      • But Steam gets a lot of love mostly because of its excellent prices. I think most people would prefer if they could resell games.

  • im a little concerned about being online constantly to play the game why not (as many people have already said) and do something like steam where you can register a game with your account but be able to use the account in offline mode so you can play the game without being online

  • The fact i can’t play “used games” reaks of fail.

    My brother and i borrow games off each other all the time to give it a burl. in a lot of cases this has resulted in one of us buying the game. if this is what they plan on doing it could mean less sales from some people instead.

    I don’t buy many used games so that doesn’t effect me to much.

  • Rumours: A currently circulating story or report of uncertain or doubtful truth or at the very least unconfirmed….in other words dont get your knickers in a knot just yet people.

  • i won’t take any of this on board until i see something official from Sony (and Microsoft in the case of the Xbox).

    There is just no point in getting worked up over speculation at this point.

    Also, if used games did become defunct, it would only mean that retail (and online) sales would be boosted, making it easier for prices to come down. Think about it.

    Also, it would drive the price of used games down, as retailers would have to take into account that the buyer would need to buy an activation pass for used discs.

    Really, i don’t see it as being that big of a deal.

      • Yeah, sometimes I unplug my wifi just so I can go on my xbox or PS3 in peace without constant party invites and people logging on/off, or the annoying bleep bloop noises that make me think I’ve got an achievement. Sometimes I just want to be left alone! 🙁

        • On the 360 you can choose to appear offline before signing into your profile, and disable notifications (I believe you can leave achievement notifications on if you want those).

          I much prefer this to physically unplugging an ethernet cable.

      • Always on is something that would really suck. I don’t need that on my PSV, why should I need it on my PSO?

        An offline mode similar to Steam would be ideal, if they’re going ahead with this sort of thing.

        Plus, that “no backwards compatibility” is likely to shit me.

    • I doubt that online prices Will fall, Sony have stated that they have been sucked into dropping there prices to compete when they should of been charging a premium price for a premium product

      Also they Will charge what the market will bear

      • Exactly – it will make markets more competitive.
        Not all stores sell pre-owned – and the lack of pre owned will force more stores to compete with new prices

        • You can only compete so much when its the publisher selling the games at these ridiculous prices, Have you forgotten that game traders had to import games to compete simply because Nintendo etc all sell the games at ludicrous special Australian prices?

  • Why is the future according to publishers always dystopic? We have no rights, we own nothing, we must jump through hoops.. well guess what? we’re leaving orbit..we don’t need you any more. we can work with our favorite devs directly now.

  • I don’t get how they’ll know how individual discs have been used, unless they each come with individual codes which … I guess that could work. No more EB returns, though. “Yes, this game is new, although you may have to purchase an online pass to make it play.” They already see enough of that with Battlefield multiplayer unlock codes, REsistance 3 codes, etc …
    To be honest I won’t be in the least bit surprised if all of these rumours come into fruition. WHilst I don’t necessarily like them, I recognize that it’s THEIR system, which THEY make the rules for, and if I want one I’ll just have to suck it up and tolerate the irritation. The amount of people they piss off enough into not buying the system will be outweighed by the amount of money they save by locking out pre-owned, I suspect.

  • While it’s easy to get outraged about the used games thing, they’re basically just following the path that the PC has been on for years. Steam locks the game to your account, physical media requires CD keys to activate (and are now usually tied to a Steam/Origin account).

    If Sony and Microsoft lock things down too much for my liking, then I just won’t buy their stupid consoles.

  • “Just like the next Xbox/Durango, we’ve heard from multiple sources that the Orbis will likewise have some kind of anti-used games measures built into the console.”
    Welcomre to the video game crash Ver. 2.0
    Sure CD keys and locked steam accounts work now but remember how bad the PC game scene was say 4-7 years ago?All those “PC games are dead” remarks and stories?
    It will be a rough transition ,many customers wont upgrade and some companies who will spend a fortune developing on new Gen will collapse.And dont forget not everyone has the internet at home, somepeople just use their works or have a smartphone or tablet with 3G.

    • I reckon it’s been coming (the next crash) for some time – as it is there’s a hollowing out occuring in the market but most of the factors are economic (ie: lots of people in the US and Europe out of work therefore only the big games are raking in the dollars) but something like the anti-used measures might push it over the edge – also there’s no guarantee that people will be clamouring to move on to the next gen or that the world economy will be any better in 2013 (you’dhope it would be but this GFC crap has been going since 2008 or something now!!)

  • I seriously doubt they’re going to alienate all the consumers that can’t/don’t want to have their machine connected to the internet all the time by forcing them to use PSN with physical copy games.

  • No backwards compatibility is a little on the annoying side. And i will laugh if they offer them as downloads, because there are some PS3 games that almost fill the whole Bluray lol.

    And i wonder why they chose AMD? Because AMD isn’t exactly that good when compared to Nvidia GPU’s/Intel CPU’s in the PC world.

    Oh well, 2013 will be an interesting year.

    • Id say the chose AMD because of price more than anything. Getting the best part has never been as important as getting the cheapest part :p

      PS. I think AMD GPU’s are great.

  • Screwing the retailers? And you won’t be able to lend games to your mate?…. Sounds like North Korea, DA FUCK SONY

    Rumours like these don’t always end up being true, but with the new Xbox rumours of no physical media drive aswell, there’s probably some truth.

  • I can understand their desire to lock away games, because the issue is not so much sharing a game in a family as it is people opening their PSN account on a PS3 at someone else’s house and then that person having a copy of every single game the other one has ever purchased. That sort of thing is costing developers money too, it’s not just about Sony.
    They need to come up wth a comprimise, like locking a game to a specific PS3 system serial number, and then having something like Xbox does where if you PS3 dies you can move your account to a brand new system and still have all your data. That way anyone who makes an account on your PS3 system can play the game with their own data, but it stops people from sharing games all over the shop.

    I do NOT however, understand no backwards compatibilty. There is going to have to be some ridicuously fantastic new features on an Orbis to make that idea viable. So far i’m settling at ‘meh’ about it.

  • I own all current consoles but I’m still more a sony and nintendo fanboy, so I’ll be buying the WiiU and the new playstation even if they do these changes. I kinda hope to be able to play ps3 games on it but if not its not a big thing for me. Either is preowned games since I think I’ve bought maybe 5 preowned games ever and that was more when I was a kid, so for years now I have always bought new. ( I like “clean” games) I worked at Ebgames and some preowned games were filthy and disgusting.

    As for xbox I was going to buy the new limited edition star wars console to replace my old one but I think it might not be worth it with new consoles coming from sony and microsoft next year being a possibility.

  • Idea to solve this sharing game problem:

    What if Sony allowed psn accounts to join groups. These groups can’t change members and have a maximum of say…..5 accounts. Within that group anyones games would work – this will mean that your family is covered as well as a couple friends and still makes it impossible for used game sales.

    Would this work for everyone?

  • I don’t know if I’d spend much time analysing the code name – someone probably just thought it sounded cool.

  • Are they going to keep making games??
    Some times, as an adult I have to spend my money on things other than games. This means I cant always buy a game when it comes out and I have to wait a few months to buy it. Sometimes by the time I have the money and motivation to buy a game and there is nothing newer I want the only option is second hand games market.

    Also the whole benefit of console gaming is simplicity. My PC is great, I love it but dam it can be temperamental and tedious sometimes. Consoles use to be a one step deal, “put game in machine”, now console too have downloads, patches, updates and now DRM. If it keeps going I might just not bother and stick to my Monster gaming PC.

    • Couldnt agree more , if both companies go down the path of no secondhand and always online why would i bother buying a console it would be cheaper to just use my pc at the moment i love the xbox but i could easily become a pc gamer.

  • Not happy at all Sony. I’ve been a big supporter of your gaming consoles since the PSX but why do you keep removing essential features like BC and this always online requirement is a big headache for people who live in countries with crappy internet connection (i.e. Australia) or rely on WiFi? I seriously hope this is all hogwash because these features are terrible.

  • *shrug*

    I’ve been calling the next Xbox for a late Q3 and no later than Christmas 2013. Makes sense that Sony would aim for about here as well, regardless of what they said about a ten year life span for the PS3. Technically the PS2 has had a more than 10 year lifespan since it’s still being supported, so I don’t know why people seriously thought we wouldn’t see a PS4 until 2015.

    That said, I won’t be buying a PS4. I went from being a PS2 fan who happened to own an Xbox to a Xbox 360 fan who kind of regrets buying a PS3. I’ve seriously considered selling it but I’m concerned it’s so full of dust and prone to breaking down that it would be negligent of me to ask someone else to actually give me money for it. Plus I have a few blu-ray movies I might watch again some day. Funny, a couple of years ago it looked like Blu-ray won the format war against HDDVD, but digital media distribution is progressing faster than I would’ve thought, so we can probably kiss Blu-ray goodbye as a viable movie format in ~3 years.

    Back on topic, I just don’t want a PS4. Maybe next gen I’ll upgrade my PC instead of buying a console I won’t use. The whole “won’t allow pre-owned” doesn’t even factor into it. Rumour has it the next Xbox will do something similar but I’ll still buy one of those.

  • I realise all this is Rumour. But it is a little worrying.
    No backwards compatibility, Locking down games to one account. Effectively KILLING many gaming stores who’s MAIN source of income is “Trade and Save” Games.

    I used to argue black and blue with PC Gamers, as to why I switched to Console gaming late last generation. It seemed that PC was for lone gamers, people who sit at home, and play with friends in a virtual space. They have their own copies of games, their own accounts. And all interaction is done through virtual means. (except Lan cafe’s and parties) Consoles? Back then they just seemed more… social :\ Nowadays, apart from the obvious hardware, and mouse and keybaord. I see really no difference between the two. Aside from the fact that MOST AAA games are developed on consoled, for consoles. Then ported to PC. The digital means for purchasing games is almost the same now. Many devs dont do splitscreen anymore. Locked accounts. So many games focusing on online play instead of storyline and playing depth. Its a shame… And DLC! Oh god DLC. You break my Mutherflipping heart.

    If these rumours and leaks come to fruition however, ill be seriously considering buying another PC rig. Ill still own a Orbis, and even a Durango. (Eat a peepee WiiU) But I wont be amassing collections of games on console like I do now. (currently own about 140 PS3 games)

    • What kind of useless comment is that? I own a PS3 and a powerful PC, but what good is a PC when the games i want are console only?

  • AMD? Really? Lets hope the CPU they use is better than the current processors. At least it can’t be any worse than Cell, what a dud that was.

  • Fuck game stop/eb, AMD/Sony? awesome, Backwards compatible 2006 60gb PS3 aint going any where but I was waiting for a new console to catch up to my PC. 4k TVs are available for sale in Japan have been for weeks. Every one will need a PS4 to take advantage of 4k. Looking forward to it.

  • Sorry, I have to call BS on this one. Think it through. At 1080p resolutions, games like wipeout are already at 17Gb. At 4096×2160, the textrues have to be significantly upscaled, which means much larger art assets, and since games are primarly art files in size, this means blowouts to VERY large download files for games like Uncharted and FF13.

    So I would have to say, you cant have both ALL games as downloads AND super high res, given the internet speeds in most countries. I know telstra (Australia) internet times me out trying to download Wipeout in one shot.

  • ps1 was awesome.
    ps2 was awesome.
    ps3 is good (could have been awesome if backwards compatible).
    ps4 sounds like a big bag of suck.

  • I blame Nintendo for starting this trend of shit names for consoles, and I deplore Sony for conforming to said trend.

  • There’s so much wrong with this business model that I will not be buying one if it’s remotely like this.

  • No backwards compatibility?!!? That ludicrous! Every console to date as had backward comparability!
    I remember stuffing my old Nintendo cartridges into my super Nes and it working just fine! Even when I put both into my N64!

    All systems are backwards compatible aren’t they? *winks*

  • Hold up. People are saying that this is no different to Steam? The big difference between this and Steam is that Steam is an entirely digital copy. Buying physical media and having that locked to a single account seems really off to me.

  • backwards compatibility doesn’t bother me but the single accounts do.
    i am not an apple fan boy but that is the one thing i think they do better than everyone else.
    if i have an account, i can then link multiple devices to it my phone, my wifes phone and an ipad etc can all be linked, all run the same software BUT all have your own personal settings and saves and i only need to pay ONCE. I do believe that the win 8 app store is going to work this way as well

    maybe if sony and microsoft introduced something like a master account which can then have a certain amount of children accounts below it that are all able access games and media belonging to the master account.

    i personally have 3 xbox 360s in my house and moving profiles around is a pain.
    i am never going to buy 3 copies of an arcade game to play it on each machine (i know that’s not necessary right now)

  • So much for the very excellent 7 day return policy from EB and GAME then. If I buy a crap game I’m stuck with it. I really liked that guarantee of not shittiness and will probably not take risks on anything other than AAAs anymore 🙁

  • Could it be that Sony is simply avoiding the number 4 which the Japanese don’t like since it’s sounds like Death (Shi)?

  • Like hell I’m tethering an Orbis to my phone just to play single player games… Like hell I’d buy one even.

    This news is a little to surreal for my liking though . With E3 not to far away and a possible 720 unveiling, which may have locked games as well. I wouldn’t be surprised if this story were fabricated to force Sony to make a move this year and announce something. Or even if Sony don’t, just to make the new Xbox look better.

    Well we can only hope… If that’s not the case though, move over Geohotz as I know what I’ll be doing in my spare time once I start Studying Computer Science at uni in 2014.

  • Yeah, I call bull until a real announcement is made. Gaming journalism on upcoming consoles is less than reliable. Like, the discless “Xbox 720”.

  • The no second hand implementation is to ensure developers continue to make money. If they dont implement this, we might as well not bother making next gen consoles. Developers, believe it or not do need money to fund their families and their lives. Not to mention contiunue making games. It’s not good for the consumer money wise, but it will be eventually. Games will become cheaper, but there will be more copies of them made. Eventually we will all benefit from this.

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