The Saddest, Loneliest Screenshots In The World

Video games are meant to be fun. Social networks are supposed to bring us together with friends. Sadly, not everything goes according to plan.

Screenshots of Despair exists to catalogue the more depressing side of the modern internet: empty friends lists, nobody sharing anything, the fact you have won absolutely nothing.

Click through for a laugh. Or, if you're the solitary type, click through for reassurance it's not just you.

Screenshots of Despair [Tumblr]


    Odd, how I could tell just from the heading that this would be a Plunkett article.

      I've found myself able to do that too in recent times.

    The saddest, loneliest screenshot in the world is a screenshot of a luke plunkett article

    i hate you luke

      You're improving, I'll give you that.

    I swear luke just goes through imgur for a few hours and calls that journalism. Who the hell pays this guy? They should start paying him by word count.

      Then you'll just end up with the Twilight novels. Except with images.

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