The Sexy, Sword-Swinging Art Of Kozaki Yusuke

Kozaki Yusuke is a Japanese artist who, aside work on comics and anime, has also done some stuff for the No More Heroes series of games.

If you've played those games, or even been around their marketing, you'll know their art was great, so this is a real treat.

Some of this art is from the No More Heroes series, others are from her comic and personal works. To see more, you should check out her DeviantArt site or personal site.


    i hate you luke

      Names will never hurt me!

        He didn't call you anything, rather he made a hurtful statement against you :P.

      I am Luke's Mother. How dare you say such callous things about my boy!

    THANK YOU LUKE, I've seen his art before and loved it, now I have a name and a whole day's worth of art to look at to numb the pain of my 9-5.

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