The Tallest Building On Earth Is Half-Life 2's Citadel

And you thought it was some giant building in Dubai. Nope. According to measurements converted from in-game models ad referenced for scale, City 17's own Citadel, constructed by the Combine, easily takes the cake.

Standing at 8430 feet tall, the Citadel easily, ahem, towers over the competition, Dubai's Burj Khalifa only managing to get 2723 feet off the ground (note: the image above is in metres).

Before anyone complains about the tense used in this post, let's assume there are people here who haven't played Half-Life 2's episodes.

The scale of Half Life's Citadel, compared to the tallest buildings in the world [Reddit]


    Now how do we convince Luke to base jump from the top?

      If you build it they will come.

      I would base jump off this. No questions.

    "the image above is in metres"

    As it should be!

      Luke never did much math classes to learn to label his axis, he was too busy copying articles from gaming blogs and playing games.

    Actually take any of the orbital/space elevators in any number of games, books, anime and it lays waste to the Citadel. We are talking 10+ kilometers easy. Pretty stupid article really.

      Exactly. If you're going to do a stupid article like this one, at least put some effort into it.

      the morpheus map from unreal tournament, anyone?

        That music. That respawn sound effect. All in my head, how did you make this happen? Are you a wizard?

        Ugh, bad memories of overshooting the towers and falling to death FTL!

    I'm pretty sure there's another game somewhere that has a taller tower. How high was that tower in Space Marine?

      That wasn't on Earth though.

      I do like the space ship comparison charts for different movies/games though. It's a little interesting to see how different artists envisioned the scale of ships required to traverse (and destroy) the stars.

    The Eureka tower in Melbourne always reminds me of the Citadel.
    But the Citadel doen't have an awesome beer bar at the base of it.

    That chart is out of date the second tallest structure is the Tokyo Sky Tree just completed about a week or so ago at 634m, it's in a part of town called musashi which is mu -6, sa -3, shi-4, purposedly used to make the height easy to remember.

      Thats is out of date. I woke up this morning with a trouser tower in my pyjamas that was 645m.

    Nice idea, but I'm not convinced. The argument is they take the in-game model and count the hammer units, converting that into inches, feet and then miles.

    But is that particular model to scale with everything else? I never knew HL2 to be the most consistent game: If you layout the map of the entire game, when you're in the city you actually intersect the same place between the loading maps (of this I am moderately sure) and the Citadel in the background is not always in the same direction (mostly sure of this too).

    You broke the first and only rule of reddit!

    Luke Plunkett misread the job description, he thought he was applying for a job as a reposter not a reporter.

    They should make the steambox look like the citadel. I only say ebcause it kind of looks like a ps2 standing up.

    This is factually wrong. My Ego is the biggest building on earth.

    Okay, I'm just going to go ahead and say it. This game was the single most boring 20 minutes I have ever had the misfortune of playing in my life. Sorry neckbeards who love to suck Valve's balls, but this game is way overhyped. In fact it makes minecraft seem decent. But that's just my opinion.

      I love prefacing "thats just my opinion" with "neckbeards who love to suck valves balls". Ass

      Favourite game of all time.

    if we're counting ingame buildings, space elevators from halo anyone?

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