The Tiniest Little PlayStation You Ever Did See

Sebastián Vargas has a fetish for tiny things. Tiny PlayStations, tiny Game Boys,you name it, if it's a tiny video game console, he's got it.

These are Japanese gashapon pieces, all of them for old consoles and handhelds, all photographed wonderfully by Vargas. If you like tiny things as much as he does, check out his Flickr. There are tiny things everywhere.

Sebastián Vargas [Flickr, via Gamefreaks]

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    That is awesome! If all of these were keychains and for sale, they'd be a hit!

    Inb4 Martin complains that it's too obvious to guess what it is in this 'Remember This" LOL what a fool.

      Such a clever fellow. I didn't say it. I pity the fool

      In fact its sad that you feel the need to have a go at me on a thread I wasn't posting on. Sad. :'(

        Further - you still don't get the joke.

          Poor, naive little Martin.

            Why are you attacking me for a joke made by neo- kaiser that you failed to understand?

              You then go on to post an ironic comment about Kotaku in regards to a Kotaku US posting S and call me a fool? Behind my back - as such

                Poor, poor, naive Martin. You're almost as bad as that Chazz guy who raged when someone spoilt Gears of War 3.

                  Does any one have a link of troll face waving his arms in the air while his monitor is on fire? Because that is exactly what is happening here.

    I don't know if fetish is the right term to us for a story like this

      It's the right term.

    You can't fool me, that's a real playstation in the hand of a colossus.

    Meh, I've seen tinier.

    "Sebastián Vargas has a fetish for tiny things."


    But does it play Crysis?

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