The Top 10 'Platinumed' Games On The PS3

On a question from a reader, the PlayStation Blog dug through Sony's telemetry and produced a list of the 10 games with the most Platinum trophy winners. Platinum trophies, of course, are awarded when someone collects all of the trophies available in a title.

Earning the platinum takes a lot of persistence and skill. It also requires some considerate design by the game's developers; novelty achievements seen in some Xbox 360 titles (especially ones from games released at the beginning of its achievement system) can be clever, but make getting that platinum prohibitively time consuming, if not impossible.

And, as Jeff Rubenstein (owner of just three platinum trophies himself) points out, the games have to be good. The time involvement required means a platinum trophy hunter had better really enjoy what he's playing.

Without further ado, here are the 10 games with the most platinum trophy holders.

1. Assassin's Creed II

2. Modern Warfare 2

3. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

4. God of War 3

5. Resident Evil 5

6. inFamous

7. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

8. God of War (GoW HD Collection)

9. Borderlands

10. Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus (The Sly Collection)

Trophy Hunters: Here Are Your Top 10 Platinums [PlayStation Blog]


    That second paragraph could do with some editing.

    I have platinum on six of those games. I used to trophy hunt profusely, then I realised it could end up preventing you from actually enjoying the game because you're too focused on getting trophies. Last platinum I got was Force Unleashed 2 I believe.

      I only bother going for platinum on games that I really enjoy. The first run is always clean, I usually don't bother looking at the trophies until I've beaten the game, although I might skim through them if during the game I get a trophy that seems interesting. Trophy-hunting after you've beaten a game can still be fun, I think the experience of replaying a game improves a little if you're not just playing for fun but also have some goals to work toward (even if they don't amount to much in the end).

    I only did it with Burnout Paradise, because you didn't have to 100% the game to get it, just get 75% of all the collectibles (still a lot!)

    Now I have a new Vita and a new PSN account, I'm going to try to platinum some Vita games lol.

    I got 100% on AC2, really enjoyed that. Then they added multiplayer ones for Brotherhood... no thanks... ended up only getting like half the achievements, my interest in 100%ing the game disappeared :(

      You missed out, Brotherhoods multiplayer was amazing.

        It was, but 2 of the MP trophies - Abstergo employee of the month and the similar one for team games - were virtually impossible to get without boosting.

      this is the only reason why i didnt bother with Brotherhood and Revelations, i was happy with the AC2 trophy list, but i really didn't want to have to grind and have to boost for the online trophies, for a game where single player should be the priority.

        Revelations Platinum is much easier than Brother. The MP trophies are far more achievalbe.

    I've only Platinum'd the first Sly, and only because you get all the trophies by just playing through the game.

    These are fairly easy platinums, the fact that they are the most obtained proves that. The argument that you don't platinum because you want to enjoy the game does not apply here, they are super fun platinums to get.

    I thought I was a unique snowflake by platinum'ing the Uncharteds. :(

    I'm surprised to see AC2 at number one. One of the achievements is an item hunt. I thought no one did those?

      The game thoughtfully broke the items up into small areas of the map so it was easy (and fun) to find them all. Unlike the first game where there was a metric ton of flags without much help in doing it.

    I would have plat trophies for Super Mario 64 and Ocarina of Time, if those games had trophies. The only game I've ever actually 100%ed achievements on is Greed Corp!

    only ps3 game I have platinumed is naruto ultimate ninja storm 2 ; AC2 is pretty hard due to the 400 feather trophy (it and the one where you have to beat 10 enemies without being hit are the only 2 i don't have)

    Assassin's Creed 2 was my first plat; it was so easy, no wonder it's the most obtained.

    My next one was Resident Evil 5... god, that was fun.

      I played through RE5 about six times and I've only got around 60% of the trophies!

    I've only Platinumed inFamous 2.

    For 360 I've only 1000/1000'd Bully:Scholarship Edition.

    I don't usually bother going for all the trophies/achievements but I did it for those games because their achievements weren't too stupid and I thought I should get 100% at least once.

    I haven't got a platinum yet (don't play PS3 as much as i do 360). The one i am closest to i think is Heavy Rain. That game was so messed up, but damn i love it :)

    I got my first Platinum this morning, FF13-2. It did not have any real grind heavy trophies like 13, if you collect all the fragments you end up maxed out anyway. The most annoying part is probably the bestiary, but that only took me about 20min to fill in the holes.

      I was planning to platinum that, but the ending threw me into a fanboy fit of fury and rage, and I smashed the case to bits with a wrench.

    Surprised the Genesis/MegaDrive collection wasn't on there. That was one easy platinum.

      Yeah, in most cases I'd agree with you, but there have been occasions where copies have been glitched, so that certain trophies won't unlock. I know I had that happen with two different trophies in the set, so I gave up.

      Also, it's important to remember that, on an international basis, that's considered two different games - the trophy sets for the US/JP one (Genesis Collection) and the UK/AU/etc one (MegaDrive Collection) are considered two different games.

        Japan never got the game and if they did it would be labeled under Mega Drive and not Genesis.

    My harderst platinum was Mass Effect 2, that insane run was the worst thing ever

      You kidding? I'm terrible at games, but ME2 is easysauce. :P

    Unless I don't really care for the game, or just want to get it over and done with in one playthrough, I'd always do serveal playthroughs of the game to platinum it. Usually the first is on medium and to focus on the game itself and its narrative, while sequential playthoughs i'm focused on doing trophies. Yes it can be time consuming, but for most of it trophies are designed to put more time into one game rather than playing another after finishing it once.

    sweet. can u do a least platinumed list now? Interested to see that one.

    Portal 2 is the only game that I've platinumed. I've also got 100% in Flower but there's not Plat trophy for that :/

    I wonder is AC2 is up there on 360 as well? I know I've got my full 1,000 on it. Spent a wonderful week on the couch with a borken ankle and AC2 got me through.

    Only game I've ever got 100% trophies on was Psychonauts on PC (Steam)

    I have 4 plats, but only one of those (ACII).
    Could probably grab the inFamous one without too much trouble...
    Surprised by Borderlands. Would have thought that was a lot of work..?

    I have a couple.. I think it was the Sega Mega Drive collection, Red Dead Redemption... Aaaaanndd i can't remember the last one.

    I have a Plat in NFS: Hot Pursit, Terminator Salvation, Fuel and MOH, Piss easy games to get plats in

    I stopped caring about my 'trophy count' on my games when I realized that a lot of games have about 40% of their trophies dedicated to multiplayer. I'm not one to spend much time online in games, so worrying about trophy counts and percentages would just be unnecessary frustration for me.

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