The Week In Evil DLC

Downloadable content. Everyone hates it — but everyone buys it. Yes, even you in the comments, smart guy. Here's a look at the latest package of extensions and pre-order bonuses designed to crowbar the last dollar out of your wallet. Can you still respect yourself if you buy it?

Prototype 2: Horse Vehicle Armour And 'Butt Kicker'

Available: Day-one DLC. (April 24)

Price: Free with pre-order

What You Get: Get the game from Best Buy and you get "Sgt James Heller's Hardened Steel Vehicle Armour", which boosts the durability of military vehicles that Heller (the protagonist character) uses. At GameStop, you get the "Bio-Bomb Butt Kicker", which is more or less a custom animation in which enemy soldiers present their asses for said punting.

Why It's Evil: Though free DLC, it's an unholy proposal from evil Activision to get US gamers to patronise one evil retailer over another.

Evil Score: 3/5. The real evil here is that this is all Best Buy and GameStop got for kissing Activision's ring. However, what's being offered is so stupid I can't imagine Activision selling or distributing this later.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning — The Legend of Dead Kel

Available: March 20

Price: $US10 or 800 Microsoft Points

What You Get: Pirates and new digs. Heroes get "Gravehal Keep", which is an estate for the player with quest-givers and perks built in. This is all located in Gallows End, a new region that is claimed to grow the explorable world of Amalur by 15 per cent. Amalur is already bloody huge. Also, pirates.

Why It's Evil: First, they're giving us pirates, everyone's favourite kind of NPC, as if to say "Oh, look, pirates! We gave you pirates, don't pay attention to the fact we built this DLC pre-release," which a studio is never ever never allowed to do ever, period. Pirates? I expect Amalur's next premium extension to be bacon. Also, do we really need 15 per cent more explorable area in a game offering, what, a zillion hours of playable content?

Evil Score: 2/5. If 15 per cent of a zillion is... 0.15 zillion? you're still getting a lot of playing time out of this DLC, regardless of when it was made.


    I don't see how the Prototype stuff is really all that evil. If it's stuff nobody really cares about, then what's the problem? It'd be evil if for instance they cut out missions from the main game (I'm reminded of L.A. Noire). As is, it's just a reward for people who pre-order. A weak reward, sure, but it's better than essentially punishing people who don't bite.

      Think its meant to be satire / taking the piss out of ppl who say DLC is evil.

        I know that, but the rating at the end still looks like it's supposed to follow some kind of logic. The Prototype 2 DLC sounds to me more like a 1/5 than 3/5. It's about as harmless as DLC gets: free and inconsequential.

          Agreed. Not evil.

            Its not satire. Activision eat babies FACT

            Retailer exclusive DLC is pretty evil, especially when you feel like you're missing out on something unless you preorder it everywhere. But when it's as insignificant as that... who cares?

            Double agreed, not really evil at all.

    I bought horse armour on the first day of release.

    I almost never buy DLC unless its substantial like GTA4s DLC. Neither does anyone I know.
    How can I be considered a part of this endemic if I never buy the stuff?

      I know, they really shouldn't have mentioned you explicitly by name in the article as being a key supporter of it.

        No, but he did accuse everyone of buying it as if we have no choice in the matter, because god knows we can't get by one week without 4 maps charged at 15 dollars.

        What I was essentially saying is that idiots who buy this are the problem, not everyone else. Thanks for playing

    Regretting making this 'DLC is evil' feature weekly, huh?

    I love DLC personally I don't have a problem with it. Rockstar have released some excellent DLC as have others. Sure some companies exploit it but there's plenty of great stuff that has come after the fact that has extended the life of the game for the better.

    Kinda not anything evil this week, huh...

    Aww, poor little Owen is still grumpy at us being complaining about EA's disgusting DLC tactics.

    I have no issue with Pre-order exclusives when they don't affect gameplay - but the vehicle armour gives some players an advantage. It may only be slight but it's still an advantage. Even in a single player game this is a douche move.

    remember when DLC was a cool idea

    for halo.....

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