The Week In Evil DLC

Downloadable content. Everyone hates it — but everyone buys it. Yes, even you in the comments, smart guy. Here's a look at the latest package of extensions and pre-order bonuses designed to crowbar the last dollar out of your wallet. Can you still respect yourself if you buy it?

Street Fighter X Tekken: The Dirty Dozen

Available: Who knows when, for the console, but it is on-the-disc DLC. which means it is already in your possession, you just can't access it.

Price: Who knows.

What You Get: SFxT sure stepped in it when it set aside 12 characters as "exclusive" for the PS Vita version, yet included their introductions on the console discs, basically telegraphing their inclusion as premium downloadable content later. A Capcom mouthpiece tried to wrap a bow around this turd by saying the disc inclusion "also furthers our desire to avoid a 'Super' version of the game down the road." Sure. It just means "Super" will be the only adjective left out of Street Fighter X Tekken: Turbo Alpha Arcade Edition

Why It's Evil: Because it plainly insults the consumer's intelligence. Also because it's code on a disc they bought, yet marketed as an exclusive feature on a completely different platform.

Evil Score: 5/5. Folks, "Evil DLC" is often meant as an ironic rant but in this case, it's the truth. Capcom developed these characters for use in the console version. They're sitting there on the disc in your tray. You will pay additional money to use them. End of story.

Battlefield 3: Three 'Expansion Packs'

Available: June, "Spring" and "Summer".

Price: Beats me.

What You Get: At GDC this week, EA said Battlefield 3 won't be publishing any old map packs. No, they'll be delivering "expansion packs" with new game modes, gameplay and environments. The winter release is an infantry-only expansion; spring brings a vehicle expansion, summer brings "End Game" and no one knows what that is.

Why It's Evil: Because by the time all this crap comes out EA will be shoving Medal of Honor: Warfighter down our throats, too. Also, this is Battlefield 3. Everything pisses off its loyal community.

Evil Score: 3/5. Not sure if evil It has the odor of a map pack with an adjusted playlist and some toys and vehicles. Plus it was more than a year ago we heard of the Back to Karkand map pack DLC. Battlefield 3 has issued zilch since then. Step on it, goddammit! You need to be publishing more map packs for us to swear we'll never buy!


    Just a correction "Own Good" its Crapcom not Capcom. Thanks.

    I get the idea of these posts but "Beats me" is not a good reason why it is evil. Either put in the effort or don't bother.

      It's Bad Company 3 DLC therefore it's instantly evil because it's advertised as part of a product that clearly is not what you paid for.

      How evil is Capcom? They realised that consumers have wised up and predicted that sales probably won't be as good this time around as many people will be waiting for the "Hyper Deluxe Arcade edition" version before making a purchase.

      So instead they put in on the one disc and make you pay a premium later to unlock the characters.

        yeah except that "super arcade edition" that hardly anybody bought was made of content not even available to be putting on the first edition's disc.

    SFxT i understand, but why is the BF3 DLC considered evil? I'm not sure if Good is saying it's evil because it's a map pack, a chunk of the BF aren't happy, or it's evil because it's not out till June?

      Refer to my comment for the evil.

      It lies in the continuous misrepresentation of the product via false naming.

    I don't mind thses, but could we get both the pros and cons, not just the cons.

      What pros? Capcom and EA decided to hold back content purely to make some extra money. It's quite clear that the money they make is not going towards improving the quality of your gaming experience so what pros could there possibly be?

        Thinking back on MK"s messed up online caused by people not downloading the free packs, I can see the on disc dlc being "justified"

        Well Chazz, it's ironic how previously you were on the opposite side of the argument...
        *cough cough* hypocrite *cough cough*

          I'm sorry, someone's got to say it.

          *OH SNAP*

          Man, this is pretty entertaining.

          My favs:
          "Hang on a second, so because it's on the disc already, you should have it for free?"

          "So every product with optional extras that are available when the product hits the market should all be free and come with said product?"

          "They added it to the disc as flavour."

          "...arrogant self-entitled nature that a lot of gamers have in this day and age."

          "You're a self-entitled wanker..."

          "Pull your head out, stop thinking the world owes you and grow the fuck up."

          "Do you understand that? NEVER intended part of the product. ALWAYS intended as paid extra content? Done as VAOUR to consumer at their expense. Or do you need drawings to explain it to you?"

          I'm amazed you were able to remember this Troy, but I'm so glad you did.

            edit: Final quote word is FAVOUR and not VAOUR (copy paste fail).

              You kind sir are indeed welcome of my awesome gift of Chazz's hypocrisies :P

          Missed my point entirely. The Gears series has seen a constant improvement in all areas with each game, EPIC pride themselves on always doing better. In every aspect. Capcom can't say the same and neither can EA. They re-release the same or similar content with pointless improvements.

          If you're going to call me out please do it right.

            I should add, even in the context of a single game in this case, what EPIC did was vastly different, maps, character skins etc for a game that is what it was advertised as. It is Gears of War 3. Not Unreal Tournament 3 pushed as Gears3.

            EA are pushing the game and it's DLC as Battlefield 3. Not a single person here can say with a straight face that BF3 is actually a TRUE Battlefield title. It's not. It's Bad Company 3 in every aspect. Therefore "evil" because it's false advertising.

            As for Capcom? They release games with balance issues and then charge for said balance issues by adding a few pallete swaps to the mix. EVIL.

            So yeah. Day one dlc/on disc dlc is fine for me. If it's truly new content and is what it says it is. Not false advertising or bug fixes. So yeah, I finish again with;

            If you’re going to call me out please do it right.

    No, I don't buy DLC, Owen.

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