The Wii Is Australia's Most Trusted Gaming Brand

The list of Australia's most trusted brands has been released and there are a few surprises in there. But the biggest surprise, for me at least, is how many of the brands are tech related.

I think it's endemic of just how ubiquitous the use of technology has become in our everyday lives. The Brand Asset Valuator identified 12 'Brands for the Future' and a vast majority of those choices are tech related.

  • Google
  • Apple
  • IKEA
  • PayPal
  • YouTube
  • Microsoft
  • Windows 7
  • eBay
  • Wii
  • Dyson
  • Vegemite
  • Subway

Note that there is only one video game brand — not counting Apple and, let's be honest, who is? That brand is Wii. It's one of those things that simultaneously makes sense, yet makes no sense at all. The Wii, for a vast majority of folks, is the console consumers bought and left to gather dust after Wii Sports got tiresome, but at the same time it's a brand that's become associated with 'family fun'. I think that probably accounts for the trust in the brand. That and the fact that it's a fairly robust piece of technology.

Google, Apple and Ikea among most trusted brands, while Qantas is on the nose [Herald Sun]

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    Funny how both Microsoft and Windows 7 are on there.

    Stranger still is that it's the Wii and not Nintendo that is doing well. I guess calling their next console the Wii U makes sense now, got to ride that wave.

      Yep. You don't throw away good will from consumers like that.

    A short anecdote on Wii Sports - I can name probably a dozen bundles that Nintendo have put out since the NES times I've seen in non-gaming houses.

    Maybe Vegemite is considered tech related due to its old name change to iSnack 2.0, that didn't last long did it -.-

    Google is one of our most trusted brands? I don't trust them as far as I can throw them.

      I also find it strange that Apple is up there, but I guess the kind of people who buy Apple products are the kind of people who wouldn't realise their ridiculous business practices.


    Of course. The Wii will never get anything like an RROD - you'd need to turn it on for something like that to happen ;)

    All this Wii talk is making me crave some DKC Returns or Mario Galaxy!



    "The Wii, for a vast majority of folks, is the console consumers bought and left to gather dust after Wii Sports got tiresome, but at the same time it’s a brand that’s become associated with ‘family fun’." That or your assumption is false. So which do you think it is? The assumption that no one uses their wii or cold hard data?

      I'd trust the anecdotal evidence of someone who daily browses video-game-enthusiast forum responses for a couple years over any corporate data-collection-tool anyway. What's the sample size? How are they chosen? Are they truthful/passionate? Are the questions leading? Who commissioned the study, and what were their aims? Stats are just lies in fancy dress.

    PayPal? SERIOUSLY?!?
    Sorry but this list lost 100% of its credibility right there.

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