The Witcher 2’s Xbox Enhancements Include A New Euphemism For Sex

The Witcher 2’s Xbox Enhancements Include A New Euphemism For Sex

Perhaps you have heard that The Witcher 2 is really good? Because you know what, it really is!

And even better, the version that’s coming out for the 360 is still very much the same game that PC gamers fell in love with last year.

The trailer above breaks down all of the updates and improvements in the 360 version, and does a very good job of selling the game. It also contains a fairly hilarious sex-euphemism — as Geralt slides his hand up Triss Merigold’s naked thigh, the words “No Quality Compromise” flash across the screen.

Do you get it? Is it clear? Warner Brothers and CD Projekt would like you to know that the 360 version will contain all of the lustful, sexy exploits the PC version did. Oh, goody.


  • Except in all likelihood the Australian version 😛

    Can’t wait for this to come out so that the new content gets patched on PC. Holding off on my next playthrough til then.

    • Australian ratings don’t seem to find sexual content as problematic as much as the US as far as I’ve seen. Violence appears to be more on the censors’ radar.

      • The PC version was censored as you can have sex with two characters as a ‘reward’ (not really, but that’s how it’s interpreted by the board). You automatically decline those 2 offers. Easy to get around on PC – you just put download the files & put them in your game folder. Interestingly, sex within the main storyline isn’t cut – it’s the ‘reward’ aspect that the Classification Board has issues with, much like with the use of ‘morphine’ in Fallout 3.

        I’m guessing the Australian 360 version will be the same as the Australian PC version, except without a workaround. Importing might be the way to go if you’re wanting the full game.

    • Australian version has no compromise. I just got the PC version for $24, enhanced, no DRM with all 9 DLCs. Definitely the start shows a bit of nudie action.

  • I hope this game does well. I dig CD Projekt and sincerely hope this is profitable and successful for them.

  • I re-installed this the other night and played the Tutorial (Something I didn’t have on my first play through)… I cannot wait to play it after this trailer!

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