There Is A Fighting Game Based On Les Misérables

Victor Hugo's 1862 novel Les Misérables is a literary giant. You're probably also familiar with its long-running theatrical adaptation, which has been treading the boards for over 30 years now.

But have you ever played the Les Misérables video game? You really should. Especially since it's a 2D fighting game.

The game is called Arm Joe. Why? Because in Japan, Les Misérables is known as Aa Mujou (Ah, Cruelty). Cute.

Arm Joe isn't an official product, in case you hadn't sorted that out by now with the name and genre; it's a home-made title put together by Japanese indie developer Takase. So it's a little rough around the edges. Indeed, while casual gamers may enjoy it, purists will detest its stodgy controls and poor balance.

But who cares. This is a 2D fighting game which features Jean, Javert, Colette and Marius as playable characters. Which has a special attack unleashing a horde of revolutionary French soldiers. Which features Judgement itself as a fighter.There's even a Robo-Jean. A robotic. Jean.

Arm Joe is a PC game, so you can download it and play it right now if you want. Being from 1998 you might have some issues running it on newer Windows platforms, though.

Arm Joe [Takase]

Arm Joe [TIGSource]


    At last Javert! I see your little sprite.

    I don't want to be "that guy" but its Cosette, not Colette. I only bring this up because Les Miserables is the greatest musical in the history of forever :)

    This is AMAZING.

    Don't get me wrong, I hate musicals with all the abhorrence in my bitter black heart, but the fact that someone (or some people) have sat down and done this is to be truly applauded.


      Sure you do Roh. Sure you do...

    I've actually only read the book (which I love) and have never seen any other adaptation of it. To me the best thing about the book is simply the way is written, so I was sceptical about an adaptation to the stage or screen. I think I may have to watch an adaptation somehow, but it's hard to get my hands on a copy of the play I suppose. There's the movie coming out so I'll most likely see that, but again, I'm sceptical.

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