There Was A Portal Gag In Tonight's Simpsons Episode

The Simpsons in 2012 is a largely irrelevant force. Still, from time to time it at least tries to appear relevant. Which is why, in tonight's episode, there's a fairly obvious Portal reference.

While Portal 2 came out almost a year ago, these shows aren't exactly made overnight, so I guess this is timely? It's also not bad, though obviously we'd need to see the whole/actual clip (something Fox isn't usually very good about letting the internet share, especially YouTube) to determine whether there was a blue portal laid down first.

Simpsons Portal [Reddit]


    Simpsons at it's worst is still more entertaining than most TV shows at their best...

      most people have the sense to not watch most TV shows and just stick with the good ones. there's no reason to make excuses for the last 10+ years of the simpsons

        People can come up with statistics to prove anything. Forfty percent of all people know that.

          Hmm. Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter

        Simpsons sucks balls now, and has for aaaages

    Oi Plunkett! It's spelt "irreverent force". ;)

      um, no. He wasn't trying to call them an irreverent force.

      they truly are an irrelevant force.

    Yes, because Simpsons never used to make popular culture jokes. *sigh*

    While I acknowledge that many new Simpsons episodes aren't as good as the old ones, I think it's just "cool" nowadays to hate on it. I watched one of the latest episodes the other day and laughed a lot more than I do at any Family Guy episode -- or Simpsons season 13 - 20 episode for that matter. I think it's back on the rise. Or I just caught an outlier.

      I've come up with a theory that these days the network wants to make it as family friendly as possible. In the old days they weren't afraid to have some pretty tasteless aka good jokes. these days its just homer hitting his head a ball hitting someone in the balls etc. In the old days Simpsons had multi layered jokes meaning that at age 5 you would get the obvious joke while adults would get the sexually implied joke etc. They dont seem to do that these days.

        "someone guetting hit in the balls"

    This comment has been reported for inappropriate content and is awaiting review.

      I think I'm going to start reporting your comments.
      They're completely nonconstructive and irrelevant.

    The Simpsons is still great in my opinion. I went off it for a few years, but got back into it & love it more than ever. It still delivers the goods even after 500 episodes (just)
    I loved e3 parody in one the recent episodes, very funny.

    The SImpsons seems like the only reason it's still going is to set an unreachable "Most episodes" record. Family Guy and SOuth Park were inspired by The SImpsons, but went on carve out their own "voice" - South Park with the satire and parody, and Family Guy with the references and slapstick.
    Now it seems the audience has changed, and Simpsons has adapted to try and keep up - and failing miserably.
    Cancel this show, Fox, please. Leave my precious childhood memories from seasons 1-8 intact.

      God Family Guy is unwatchable shite.

        I agree wholeheartedly. American Dad and The Cleveland show are even worse.

          I'm trying to work out what someone who thinks FG is unwatchable shite actually does enjoy watching..? Enlighten me!

            Sons of Anarchy, Oz, The Wire, Dexter , Breaking Bad, Futurama shall i go on?

    There's been videgame references in the show before it was hip to do it - pointing it out now makes YOU the irrelevant party.

    Cultural changes have caused Simpsons to become obsolete. It is no longer representative of our society and family interrelationships of the modern era (Springfield continues to be a town out of the 1990s). As a result, the comedy is no longer relevant to modern audiences.

    Furthermore, with so many episodes, there becomes a point when a recurring gag in the series will not be understood. Hence, comedic value is lost.

      / takes a step
      / rakes smashes into my head

      / takes a step
      / rakes smashes into my head

      / takes a step
      / rakes smashes into my head

      / takes a step
      / rakes smashes into my head

    I think u just grown up and tastes change, kids still love the Simpsons

    seen every ep of simpsons, including this one, im 18 now and i still love the show

    turns out it was a pretty good inception parody, bit late also but well received :D

    Simpsons went garbage RIGHT at the end of seasons 8, lisa and bart went to military school. the next season, 9, was homer in new york city. it was crapola and has been ever since. even family guy is better than simpsons from 9 onwards. and thats low. What went wrong was homer became a whinging faggot instead of a beer swelling every man.

      used in the south park sense of the word, I hope.

    Even has there own oppinon, but i agree that kids love it. I still love it especially from Season 20 and onwards

    There are so many factors to how The Simpsons recent seasons have been shaped: Running dry amount of jokes, changes in our society, aspects of characters within the show. Look at the recent seasons, they could do so much more with their jokes, heck Nelson has a cigarette in one of the earlier episodes. Now? No chance, thanks to this political world there are limits and this is how we have to pay for them. To be honest, The Simpsons is doing pretty well actually considering the limits it has. But seriously though Matt Groening, get rid of the constantly occurring guest stars. NONE OF THEM ARE FUNNY. Only the towns members are if, if anything introduce some more.

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