There Was Too Much Blood On This Game's Cover

The upcoming Risen 2: Dark Waters has been asked by the ESRB to change its front cover, because there was simply too much of the ol' claret splashed across the box art.

The body places limits on the amount of violence that can be shown on marketing materials, and as a result the marketing team has had to swap out the blood with some bluey greeny...stuff.

ESRB Takes The Red Out Of Risen 2's Cover [Game Informer]


    Risen 2?!!? HELLZ YEAH!!!!! Awesome sauce!!

    The original doesn't even look like blood splatter. Huh.

      Looks like the spraycan tool from MS paint.

    Yea looks like old weathered paint to me, not blood. Some people need to relax and stop being so overly PC.

    Thats Pathetic.....what is this world coming to

    Well, they banned the original for calling one of the in-game items a "reefer", and making it part of a quest that you had to have sex with a prostitute. Kinda figures they'd freak out over the kiddies being able to see a little blood, even though I see more of it in my dinner on a regular basis (bleu steak... Mmmmmmm)

      ESRB is not the Australian ratings board don't compare them.

      There are vastly different reasons for changing marketing material and banning a game

      IIRC it wasn't banned because it had reefers, it was because they gave an (incredibly small) experience boost, i.e. gaining a benefit from drugs.

    is it me or did the new Ninja Gaiden game have wayyyyyyyy more blood then that?

    They should also remove that massive stream of blood under the words 'Dark Waters'.

      oh that's right, that red banner may be mistaken for blood! better take that out too.. and anything else red or liquid.

    Played the beta and it was unfortunately not very good. Though the fact that it kept crashing in the same spot without fail did not help.

    I just had a thought: Why are bones OK, but blood not? Both are things that are under the skin, and looking at them means something has probably gone wrong for someone...

      Yeah, you can't even tell that the blood is blood, there's lots of red liquids out there.

      And what's blood got to do with violence and gore (unless it's pouring out of a gaping wound), you see it in blood bags all the time and is an equally valid piece of human anatomy as the human skull and bones.

      What bones are they anyway? Too short to be from limbs, and too long or too thick to be hand or foot bones.

    Why couldn't they have done something similar to cover of Left 4 Dead - great game but I can't have that in my house lest kids across it in the DVD cabinet - it's gruesome (moreso than the actual game!)

    Wasnt the first Risen banned in Australia anyway (something about prostutues or something ....)? or am i thinking of a different game?

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