There Won't Ever Be Another Mojang Game Called Scrolls

While Minecraft developers Mojang have put a legal dispute with Elder Scrolls publishers Bethesda (well, Bethesda's parent company Zenimax) to bed, the settlement has come at a slight cost: there won't ever be another Mojang game called Scrolls.

The terms of the settlement mean that the trademark Mojang has for the game won't cover any sequels, so if the upcoming title is a hit, its sequels will need another name entirely.

May I suggest Manuscripts. Or Parchments.

Scrolls is an RPG that's borrowing heavily from card and board games, and will hopefully be out sometime later this year on Windows, Mac and Linux.


    The game looks kinda terrible to me. I think it'll do well thanks to it's crazy minecraft fanbase, but I doubt it will do particularly well in the reviews.

    Yeah I won't even touch this... Minecraft is good enough for me

    It makes me think of settlers of Catan..which is massively popular

    I personally can't wait for the follow up games: "Elders", "The Daggers Fall", "Morrow's Wind" and "The Sky's Rim".

    probably for the best.. if there were 2 mojang games called scrolls, it would be awefully confusing! :0

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