There's A Giant Tie Fighter For Sale On Craigslist

There's a beautiful crackpot in Seattle who is selling a Star Wars Tie Fighter on Craigslist. Not a little toy, or a model that sits on your desk. He's selling 8 foot x 8 foot replica. Which you can sit in.

No idea what it was built for, but it's on wheels, will hold a 300-pound pilot and has blasters that actually fire (though they fire party poppers, not hot green laser death).

All this can be yours for $US150. Good hunting.

Star Wars TIE Fighter - $US150 (Olympia) [Craigslist, via Geekologie]


    How is this thing only $150?
    Must be stained with sweat, Pepsi and unfulfilled dreams.

    i hate you luke

      I don't remember Darth Vader saying that in any of the films...

    luke .... i am your father ...... in an 8x8 ply wood party poping tie fighter be afraid be very afraid -_-

    What do you think the postage and handling on this badboy would be to Aus?

      Duh, it can just fly down here.

    Slightly scarey this thing exists. Cant wait to see it on pawn stars and them offering $10 for it.

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