These Are Not Nintendo Characters

Nope! They are dressed as Nintendo characters, though. Koei Tecmo is putting iconic outfits in the latest hack-and-slash Dynasty Warriors game, Dynasty Warriors VS, as unlockable items.

To be fair, only the costumes will appear in the Nintendo 3DS game, but look at that sample characters model Koei Tecmo released? Link gone all Dynasty Warriors. No thank you!

Samus Aran of Nintendo's Metroid fame is also lending her Zero Suit to the game. Koei Tecmo's Team Ninja studio made a Metroid game, Metroid: The Other M — a very good game.

コラボレーションが実現! [Famitsu]


    I'm not sure how to respond to your comment about Other M...

      There was no Other M.

        Yeah, the last metroid game that came out was Prime 3, there haven't been any new ones since.

        Also, what's wrong with these models? I think Link actually looks better here than he does in Skyward Sword.

          It's a shame that it was canned halfway through development. They could have done so much with it.

          I guess it does if you feel like playing as an underwear model cosplaying as link.

          The face for Link just seems wrong.

            Well its not Link so of course it will seem wrong...

    You guys are all wrong. Other M *is* a very good game. It's just an incredibly shit entry in the Metroid timeline.

    Actually, scratch that. It's just an incredible shit ON the Metroid timeline.

      I think you're mistaken. Other M was never released.


    Is it gay to say that the Zero Suit is overrated?
    Because I really like the Varia suit. It was all about kicking ass and taking names and not about Samus' tits.

      "What, you think they should put the Varia suit in Dyna--"
      Yes. Yes I do.
      "Are you even considering--"
      No, not at all.

        Because skin-tight faux-latex is so much more faithful to the time period, right?

      Not at all. I hate ZSS now too. She was cool back in Zero Mission, but once Brawl took a hold of her it was all downhill from there. Then Other M happened, with those ****ing high heels... ugh.

      It definately doesn't fit the Samus character - which is all kick-arse. And to be honest, it's not even a good piece of design. The suit is pretty generic and boring. I LOVE the Fusion suit from the old GBA game.
      Meh i've lost interest in Metroid and Zelda anyway.

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