These Guys Are Building All Of Game Of Thrones In Minecraft

A crew of dedicated Game of Thrones fans has set out to re-create their own Minecraft version of the series' detailed fantasy world.

Project lead Jacob Granberry sent over a whole bunch of awesome pictures from the re-creation, although he says some are outdated. Their Minecraft server has been invaded and harassed by more than one nasty griefer over the past few months, so some of their work has been destroyed.

Right now the team has reconstructed King's Landing, the capital city of Game of Thrones continent Westeros and the icy northern Wall, also known as the home of Jon Snow and the Night Watch. It all might look (sort of) familiar if you've seen the HBO show, which will enter its second season on April 1.

The team consists of six or seven builders, some more hardcore than others. They hope to finish all of Minecraft Westeros within the next few months.

A Server of Fire and Ice


    That's awesome and kind of sad at the same time, awesome becuase it looks amazing and sad because I can't imagine how many days (play time) has gone into this, and not into something more "real".

      nothing sad about it. I dont understand why when someone sees something amazing they automatically assume the creator has no life.

      if thats what you were getting at

        Nah I think its more that at the end of the day they are spending all this time on something that looks like Lego Game of Thrones (for want of a better comparison) versus say Skyrim - Game of Thrones. The above looks great but given the choice I know which I'd prefer.

      Why is it that when somebody puts lots of time into something like this, they have no life, but when somebody puts lots of time into, say, a drawing, they're awesomely talented people? Both are equally meaningless, in the end, and both are equal creative outlets.

        I guess because people perceive that making an awesome drawing requires more skill, and is relatively unlimited in what you can create. Making a cool Minecraft world is all good, and it can look nice and pretty, but I guess the entry-level skill is a bit less, and at the end of the day you're restricted to buildings and cities (although those Minecraft gameboy timelapses were pretty unique, but anyway). And the fact that people can easily imagine how tedious and time-consuming it would be to place every one of those blocks individually by hand...

        That's my guess anyway?

    The Sistine Chappel was awesome and kind of sad at the same time, awesome becuase it looks amazing and sad because I can’t imagine how many days (play time) has gone into this, and not into something more “real”. (sic)

      The roof of the Sistine Chapel has been there for something like 500 years. How the fuck does that compare to a Minecraft world that will probably be around for another couple years at best?

        Relax... he is joking.

    The Sept of Baelor appears to have 8 sides, and not 7. Fail!

    Though admittedly making a seven sided object in a game built out of cubes is going to be tough

    game of thrones is soo shit worst show ever its soo boring wannabe lord of the rings

      read the books. They will blow your mind/face/everything

      Bad troll is bad. Back under the bridge!

    Heh. He included the 3 Whores.

    That said, getting kinda tired for people to constantly call anything related to this universe "Game of Thrones." The name of the saga is "A Song of Ice and Fire" while the first book was called "A Game of Thrones". Please stop calling it by the HBO nomenclature. The 'game' to claim the Iron Throne even becomes less of an overriding plot point in later books.

    So I'm curious, And this has been bugging me for a while. Does ANYONE know the name of the big white building in the first image?

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