These Life-Size Figures Can Be Yours For $5000 Each

Do you like sci-fi anime Neon Genesis Evangelion? Do you have thousands of dollars burning a hole in your pocket? Have I got a deal for you.

Gainax, the company behind Neon Genesis Evangelion, is offering life-sized plugsuit wearing statues of Eva characters Asuka Langley Soryu, Kaworu Nagisa and Rei Ayanami.

Each figure costs ¥430,000 ($5226) plus tax. That does not include shipping. Nor include whatever rationale is needed to purchase these.

秋山工房発!等身大フィギュア『レイ』、『アスカ』、『カヲル』受付開始! [Gainax]


    While cool, I just can't help but feel that if you pay $5,000 for a life size statue of a 15 year old anime character, there's something a little bit wrong with you.

      That's cool man, that's a problem with you though. Honestly don't mean that in an offensive way, I have the same guy reaction, but in reality, people can like whatever they like, and spend their money on whatever they want. in many ways this is less creepy than buying an AFL players jersey that has been worn for a few seasons.
      If they're carting it around and talking to it that could indicate other issues obviously.

        I just feel like the kind of person who has $5000 to piss away one something completely frivilous can surely find something better than this - unless this is the thing they really want. I mean I personally wouldn't have one of these in my house and I liked Evangelion.

        Putting a $5,000 price tag on it blows my mind.

        Now if you own a store or something and want to display these, whole different story.

    Do they come with a Fleshlight slot?

      Yeah but only that one on the right

        Lool Nice One ! :D

    I would get one, if I have the space and money to burn.

    why can't they have a mari statue

    why can't they have a mari statue

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