They're Making An Adventure Time Game For Nintendo 3DS? Hooray!

Pendleton Ward, creator of Adventure Time, tweeted earlier tonight that his computer crashed while he was making an animated GIF to announce an Adventure Time 3DS game.

From his Twitter: "Dang.. Compy crashed while I was drawin a gif of this 3DS wavin it's arms around announcin the Adventure Time 3DS game."

This makes sense, seeing as how the series contains numerous game references.

No word on who is developing or publishing this yet unnamed 3DS game. More on this as it develops.

@buenothebear [Twitter via Twinfinite Thanks, Yamilia!]


    My friends just mentioned this, saying it's being made by WayForward.

    I don't know a thing about Adventure time but if that's true then I want it.

      Being made by wayforward...? well, then we know it's gonna be good.

    All treasure should be contained in icebergs on the beach

      I don't think babies' left socks make for great coins.

    might have to buy a 3ds for this, then there will two games i want on it

      This is my only reason for owning a 3DS until a Pokemon game comes out.

      It's a regular ol' DS game. Not 3DS. Been confirmed already.

    It's actually a DS game :P

    Pendleton tweeted a few more times after that saying it was a DS game and he had more pictures as well but all with a DS instead of a 3DS.

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