Thief Allegedly Steals Xbox 360, But Replaces It With His Own PS3

Sadly, it's not uncommon to read about an Xbox stolen for drug money. Even used and resold under less-than-legal circumstances, the popular console is worth some cash.

It is, however, uncommon to read about an Xbox and Wii stolen... and then replaced with a PlayStation 3.

A young man in Michigan this week apparently did just that. He neither kept the stolen consoles for himself, nor did he think also to pawn the PS3 that he apparently no longer needed. Mlive, a Michigan news site, reports:

The 18-year-old resident, Nickolas R. Charo, said he came home to find his Xbox Elite, Wii, several games and controllers, a GPS and $US250 in cash missing.

Charo said he believed his friend Joshua A. Beck, 19, was to blame and that he stole the property to feed an addiction to prescription anxiety-reducer Xanax. Charo told police Beck had been over earlier, encouraging Charo to sell his consoles for money, police reports indicate.

Charo left his residence Friday afternoon and returned to find his systems missing, though a Playstation 3 he identified as Beck's was in their place.

Police on Sunday arrested Beck. In an interview with them, Beck reportedly admitted to entering Charo's home through an unlocked door and stealing the gaming systems and GPS, though he denied taking the $US250 cash.

Police: Bay City man steals Xbox and Wii, leaves his Playstation 3 in their place []

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    Just like the time I replaced my ex-girlfriend's birth control pills with tic-tacs. It's basically a victimless crime. Right?

      yup.. a victimless crime, like punching someone in the dark.

      All fun and games until you have a screaming baby or childcare payments to look out for

    Don't they keep falling out then?

    ^^^ Wut?

    and on topic... his friend did him a favor... ingrate!

    I'd be pissed if someone stole my 360 and replaced it with a PS3...

    Cause then I would have two PS3s and no 360...

      one more PS3 and you could brag like this guy

    So the only conclusion we can come to is that he took the Xbox because it is in fact better than the PS3.

    Should have been the headline.

    When will we ban these drugs?

    I had my PS3 stolen a few years back (along with other stuff). They left my xbox though. Probably ran out of hands to carry it and decided that the PS3 was worth more. :(

    As we all know, there are more idiots out there than not. So it only makes sense that the popular console is the one with higher demand.

    Leaving a ps3 in place of a xbox? Its kinda like taking a dump right there in his living room.

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