This Banned PS3 Owner Looks Bonkers

Anyone who films himself or herself ranting about a ban and posting it online might have issues. Anyone who does that while wearing a plastic bag might be nutso.

In this video, a PS3 owner, who was apparently banned from the PlayStation Network, bitched and moaned — while wearing a several snuggies and a plastic bag on his head. He punched out holes so he could see, but not one so he could breathe (because that would make too much sense).

Apparently, the guy was banned over some sort of spat that broke out during Call of Duty. He and another player traded messages and insults, and according to the dude in this video, his own superb FPS skills caused jealously.

The individual isn't only upset that he was banned, but super pissed that he spent ¥10,000 on his account over the past four years. He gets so worked up that he tries to tear a manga in half. And fails.

4年間鍛えたオンラインゲームの1万円課金アカウントがBANされマジギレ [YouTube via NicoNico Douga]


    im more concerned about the state of his house.

      I'm more concerned about the pointlessness of this article. Thank you Mr Ashcraft for informing me of this.

      Hahaha yeah, I thought my room was a mess!

    I'm glad he's no longer occupying the PSN.

    Gotta love the "I SPEND MILLIONS ON THE STORE, $ONY YOU'LL NEVER GET ANOTHER CENT FROM ME" argument that always comes out.

    You a rack a disciprine.

    Why would anyone upload a video like this? Wouldn't you delete it, during the sad, shameful moments following your pointless butthurt?

    "but super pissed that he spent ¥10,000 on his account over the past four years."

    That's like $30 a year...I reckon I spend more on lunch in a week.

    is... he playing on a 4:3 tv?!?

    Suffer the wrath of a gamer

    And suddenly I feel better about myself and my messy mess of a bedroom.

    Fancy TV dawg.

    Maybe now you'll have some free time to clean up your room? Whats the bet this dude is 25-30, on the dole, and still lives with his parents.

    The virginity is strong in this one.

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