This Battlestar Lego Model Is Incredible

The Battlestar Valkyrie, Bill Adama's last command before taking control of the Galactica, isn't exactly as famous as the show's namesake, or even the Pegasus. But it looks magnificent in this Lego recreation.

Lego builder Garry King has, by getting hold of images of the old ship, done a fine job of bringing the dead ship back to life in a model that's made up of 43,341 pieces, weighs a staggering 50kg and stands (well, lies) around 3m.

Three. Metres.

Plenty more shots and details at the link below.

BATTLESTAR VALKYRIE [MOCpages, via The Brothers Brick]


    i hate you luke

      Why would you hate on luke for this. This is AWESOME. Good job luke.

    That's awesome

    I wanna see a cylon basestar made from lego too!

    saw this a while ago on gizmodo, pure awesomeness!

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