This Dead Or Alive 5 Demo Might Be The Best Reason To Buy Ninja Gaiden 3

Ninja Gaiden 3 hits stores on March 20, and while I had no plans on dropping $US60 on another round of punishing slice-and-dice, Hitomi and Ayane may have just changed my mind.

Dead or Alive 5 wasn't even on my radar until I saw this video. I knew the sequel was coming, but expected another rehash of the old familiar formula. You know, what we've gotten with ever DoA game since the first one. This, however, is something different. The models have changed. The animations have changed. The environments are more interactive than ever before.

This might be the Dead or Alive sequel I've been waiting years to play, and all it took was the departure of the man that created the franchise in the first place. Whatever works!


    For some reason this gameplay feels more like Ninja Gaiden than Dead Or Alive.
    I like that.

    Encouraging paid demos, nice one.

    Normally I'd say "Don't be a douche, buy Ninja Gaiden 3 for Ninja Gaiden" but this new Ninja Gaiden is shaping up to be absolutely awful. They've simplified it beyond all recognition. No upgradable weapons, no other WEAPONS except from a katana, shuriken and a bow, health regenerates after each fight one kind of ninpo that is use it or lose it (in each battle) and the mash X to win gameplay. It's been dumbed down to it's most retarded. Fuck the new Team Ninja
    As for DoA5, couldn't give a shit

      Haven't read anywhere to justify those features of Ninja Gaiden 3, although I haven't read that much on it. However, if these comments are true, I'm going to utterly devastated, I loved the Ninja Gaiden series.

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