This Gears Of War Gun Is Terrifyingly Real

Prop-builder and artist Ryan Palser, whose Portal turret wowed the internet last year, returns with a replica Gears of War weapon so real you'd think you could play a minigame just to reload it quicker.

It's a Digger Launcher from the third game in the series, and Palser worked on it alongside his wife Dena. I don't think a Hollywood adaptation of Gears of War, starring Jon Hamm as Marcus Fenix and John Rys Davies as Marcus Fenix's neck, could get a prop looking this good.

Final Digger Laucher Photos!!!! [Kronos Props]


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      good for you, no one cares

      And everyone hates you. Go do something more productive.

        Looks like the Plunket defence force is out again. Go back to Kotaku US.

          way to make general assumptions about people. I'm a reader of KotakuAu & I still think name's comments are pointless, stupid, rude & not needed.

            So don't read them.

    Looks absolutely amazing! too bad it doesn't work :(

    While it does look awesome, I would be more impressed if he made one of the piranha-like things it shoots, too.

    I think it totally stands to reason that they give it to me, as apparently I look exactly like Alex Brand from the Gears comics. :p

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