This Is Why Everybody And Their Brother Uses Unreal Engine 3

This Is Why Everybody And Their Brother Uses Unreal Engine 3

Epic rolled out the latest Unreal Engine 3 features reel at the Game Developers Conference today, reminding us once more why it’s so damn popular with game makers.


  • When it’s showing the Vita bit, is that a Doctor Who game? if so, my incination to get a Vita has increased.

  • I remember creating the Unreal engines with ol’ Cliffo. We’d take time off to go party with Led Zeppelin and Mötley Crüe. Cliffo was so amazed when he found out that I wrote most of their songs.

  • Basically, unless you’re big enough of a company to make your own engine, and optimise it for each platform, then you’re always better off going Unreal.

    Pretty much the only companies who make their own engines these days are the single-platform guys (e.g. Naughty Dog with Sony), or those who do really out there or expansive stuff (e.g. Spore and Skyrim, respectively)

    • Agree. Unless you have a clear compelling reason to custom build an engine, DON’T. Then even if you do, stop and think again, or tweak an existing engine.

      Spend your time actually making a game instead.

      Also, many use Unity instead of Unreal (easier to learn).

        • Yeah, very true, although Unreal’s royalty scheme gets pretty steep pretty fast – fine if you have publisher dollars to work with, but can be a bit difficult for indies who need to recoup every cent they can. Amazing engine though.

  • that is frigging awesome. think I might have to get back into the modelling and animation stuff and start playing around with this.

  • Unreal Engine 3 (and it seems 4) have taken a big step backwards with cross-platform portability. Many rumoured Mac & Linux ports using Unreal 3 have failed to materialise. Compare this to Unreal Engine 2 games such as America’s Army 2.5 and Unreal Tournament 2003 which appeared easily on these platforms.

    • I know the Linux and Mac communities are massive, unfortunately, from a gaming perspective, the OS’s are dead. Truth be told, i dont think they ever really took off. Its a vicious circle of game dev negligence unfortunately. The biggest moment in Mac gaming history was probably Valve porting their Source games across…

  • and the UDK is free to use. I wonder how difficult it is to use this engine for a beginner like me coz I totally want to test it… hhmmm…

  • wow I didn’t realise Epic had that much in the UDK! Good on em!

    I’d love to see a similar promo vid released by Crytek, since CryEngine3 was recently made freeware!

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