This Isn't Madness; It's Legendary

Chinese cosplay photographer Mengjie Luan is back with another set of spectacular pics, including Alice: Madness Returns photos with cosplayer Jill.

"There were some problems and headaches during the Alice shoot, but in the end it worked out great," Meng told Kotaku. "I also finally learned the meaning of '苦逼造就牛片' or 'hardship brings great pictures'."

Besides Alice: Madness Returns, Meng recently completely some photo shots of popular online game League of Legends with cosplayers Xiao Luojun and Ying Tao.

"I personally prefer to cosplay games, mostly because most of my spare time is already taken up by playing League of Legends," said Xiao. "I spent a lot of time working on this cosplay and when I saw the results, I was stunned."

That's the thing about Meng's photos: you always end up stunned.

Read more about Meng in Kotaku's feature on him and his work.


    You know what, no matter how many times people bitch and complain about Bashcraft and all that, I really enjoy these photo shoots of the top-level cosplayers.
    Especially when they're cosplaying Akali and Annie from League of Legends. :D

    I love Alice: Madness Returns and want the outfit so badly but every one i find doesn't have the actually blood spatter on the apron. Help please?? xxx

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