This Nazi Zombie Hungers For Your Brains (Well, Cash)

Nazi zombies are the stars of both movies and video games. With good reason. You combine a Nazi and a zombie and you've got twice the bad guy.

The premise is now set in (poly)stone with this statue from Sideshow, which shows an undead member of the 1000-year Reich in full lurch. As with most premium Sideshow statues it'll cost $US350 when it's released later this year. You should be able to get one from your local comics store or favourite online toy retailer.


    At least your safe Luke

      His safe? What about his safe? I don't condone all these pointless insults, but if YOU'RE going to do it, do it correctly so you don't sound like a complete noob!

        Thankyou for the correction. It is appreciated. I apologise for offending both your sensibility and your anus.

          You didn't offend me at all. I'm curious as to how you think my anus would be offended by that though?

            Because of its retention. Your anus - without provocation - corrected my grammar. It did this without knowing my intellectual or physical disabilities. Nor did it know if I was conversing in my first language or if I was dyslexic. Kudos to your anus!

              None of which are actual, real world concerns, but hey! they could have been!

    i hate you luke

    I didn't even have to read the author's name to know that this was Luke.

    Hah! When I saw the article picture I said to myself, "I say, that does look a bit like Dead Snow there, what with the zombies and the Nazis and the snow and all that guff." What's the movie link? Dead Snow. Brilliant movie that riffs on a lot of other horror/zombie movies such as Evil Dead and Blair Witch.

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