This Person Went Kid Icarus Scratching Insane

Kid Icarus: Uprising is a stylus controlled 3DS game. Unless you are press down as hard as you possibly can while using the stylus, your 3DS should be fine! Nintendo builds its products to be tough; it builds them to last.

Some players, however, get way into their stylus play. Check out this screen guard from one Kid Icarus: Uprising player. Not if a stylus or a fingernail was used while playing...

[その他]新パルテナの鏡と同時購入した保護シートが早くも真っ白に、という話題で保護シート談義に [■■速報@保管庫(Alt)■■]


    Look at those beasty finger nails, must have been using them alright

    AHHHH I hate long fingernails *freaks out and runs off*

    I'd say they were using an ACTUAL nail

    as someone who bites their nails to nothing,yes they are uncomfortable to look at.

    "Unless you are press down" great engrish. Job Can get i too there?

      At KotakuUS, motto we have; Talent and skills bad. Copy paste good.

    This comment has been reported for inappropriate content and is awaiting review.

      Spam we do mind.

      Got any internet dick pills for sale as well?

    Oh, so that's just a screen guard. I'd be curious as to what brand that is (if any), since they vary wildly in quality.

    That said, it doesn't look too dissimilar to my original DS's screen. Ok maybe about ten times as bad, but still the same gist :P

    Not only is this a horrible article with no substance, it also has multiple errors:

    "Unless you are press down "

    "Not if a stylus or a fingernail was used while playing…"

    Wow, fuck you Brian. Seriously. Quit journalism now you useless hack

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