This Portal Movie May Not Be Official, But It Still Looks Awesome

Aperture: Lab Ratt is a fan film based on the Portal universe. And, as you'll see five seconds into this trailer, it's looking very professional.

Proper music, proper outfits, an expensive camera, good lighting... yes, it's looking lovely.

If it helps sell you on the quality behind this flick, it's being made by the same crew who put together last year's charming Aperture Science documentary.

This one, though, looks a lot more serious.

Oh, and bonus: the site of the production team also sells Aperture Science ID cards.


    i hate you luke

      I do not agree with what you say "name" but i will defend to the death your right to say it.

      Just like you don't have to agree with the fact that you have no purpose.


      That aside, i think a portal movie could be quite tasteful if done well - i think it speaks to something in everyone: the idea of freedom not just being an end goal but a journey we take.

    I liked the one where the girl gets outside only to find it was all a simulation, think it was called No Escape, a Portal movie would be awesome.

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