This Should Be The Soundtrack To GDC!

Last year, Mick Gordon did something a little... out there. He wandered around the halls of GDC, asking game developers to make a noise — any noise they liked. Now he's transformed those voices into an incredible piece of music.

Incredibly, every single sound on this track was recorded by a human being at GDC. After a massive amount of post-production, tweaking and sequencing, you have this song. Having had a little bit of experience trying to produce music myself, I'm pretty blown away by this effort.

You can find out more about the different techniques used in the creation of this track on Mick Gordon's website here.


    +1 please dubsteb remix :> This is gold!!!

    +1 Again, sooo daft punk like... This is amazing

    The video is actually really cool too!

    Very cool, would love to have the skills that can do this

      Get Reaper, download a bunch of free VST synths and such from the web and get a simple midi writing program (GPro is pretty good) and you can basically make this kind of stuff minus the recorded and tweaked vox (easily replaced with the midi tracks) in an hour.

      The other alternative is Fruity Loops, which the guy mentions in his write up of how he made the track. It's pretty neat and you can set up something really fast in it and start noodling around.

      If you're feeling masochistic and have a working knowledge of synths and waveform manipulation, Buzz Tracker (by Jeskola) is a free tracker program that's been around for many years. It's been re-written since I last used it because they lost the source code, but it still might be a useful tool.

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