This Splinter Cell Live-Action Series Is So Good You'll Think It's Official

Building off a very fancy short released a year ago, there's now a very professional web series based on Ubisoft's stealth series Splinter Cell.

It's called Splinter Cell: Extinction, and is made by Companion Pictures. It has nothing to do with Ubisoft whatsoever, as they're very keen to point out, but given how slick the whole thing is Ubisoft probably wishes that wasn't the case.

The first episode, above, shares scenes with the short from last year, but click through and you'll get to further episodes.

Splinter Cell: Extinction [Start]


    Yeah, I'm mates with the guy who made this. I gave him pointers on how it's done.

    God I don't know why I bother telling you losers this stuff. Guess I just feel bad as you're not all as awesome as me and I just have a big enough heart to share with ya'll.

      Does lying over the internet and calling others losers make you feel good?

        Replying to a comment like that probably makes him feel real good.

      Pics or it didn't happen.

    Someone give this company millions of dollars so they can make a TV series. Ever since 24 ended nothing has been the same =p

    soooooo when is the movie coming out?

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