This Video On How Awful The Light Saber Battles In The Phantom Menace Are Will Ruin Star Wars For You

It's easy to pick on Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace because of Jar Jar. And well, everything else too. But you know what's always fun about Star Wars? The light saber battles! This video, however, hilariously points out how silly they look like on closer inspection.

There are waltz steps! Aim somewhere not even close to your enemy! And a whole lotta other hilarious pointers in lightsaber fights that can hardly be defined as fights anymore. I don't think I'll be able to watch any lightsaber battle without thinking of this video again.

To be fair, basic stage fight rules dictates all of this. But light sabers! Oooh. [YouTube via The Awesomer]


    You know, I am one of those people who never watched the old Star Wars simply because I was born in 1992, so when Phantom Menace came out I was blown away, loved it, and that Jedi fight was pure epic awesome which was followed by many saber battles with sticks, broken noses and golf ball size lumps on heads. Now that epicness is all but gone post this video, had a good laugh tho.

      To be fair, you would have been like eight right? I kind of liked the battles, but the rest of the film was just this meandering mess.

      When I was 8 I thought lots of things were awesome. Now when I go back and watch them I realize that an 8 year old doesn't have good taste at all.

      bro i was born 1991 and grew up with old star wars. I literally dont know anyone else who didnt. You probably live in the middle of nowhere or probably never owned a tv as a child..

    while it had some half valid points, that video was still stupid.

    The prequels themselves ruined Star Wars for me.
    On closer inspection, all movies are dodgy.

    Yeah, I've always wondered about this. If lightsabers can cut through metal and stuff why didn't everyone lose their hands and have their saber handles cut in half in the first 20 seconds of any battle??

      because apparently a stick that doesn't weigh anything beyond the hilt is amazingly easy to control which subsequently allows the wielder to expose their backs to opponents with allegedly lightning fast reflexes... right? RIGHT?

      1. There are crystals in the hilt that focuses the laser into a blade
      2. These are Jedi who indeed have lightning reflexes because they have the aid of the Force.

    I always thought this battle was utterly ridiculous. Overly flashy with no real thought to substance... just like the movie itself.

    Just curious but what the hell does this have to do with gaming?

      Couldn’t agree more!
      There is clearly no relationship between Star Wars films and gaming whatsoever.

      Not dozens and dozens of Star Wars games, no influence on the sci-fi genre or the industry at all…..

      Plus most people who read gaming websites HATE Star Wars and have no interest in stories about it.

      Luckily heaps of people do like opening stories so they can say they are irrelevant, otherwise Kotaku would be screwed!

        The point is that picking apart these crap movies for there shit fighting has nothing to do with gaming. Next we will see reviews of sci fi books because they influenced some such that had something to do with gaming, I mean seriously.

          I think your problem is in presuming that Kotaku is purely a gaming site rather than a primarily gaming site that also dabbles in other areas of gamer culture. Therefore star wars stories = valid content, so long as they aren’t so prevalent that they take over from the game focus.
          That said
          I think the video has a point that if you actually watch the fight rather than just blankly staring at the pretty lights then it doesn't seem like they are really trying to kill each other at all. Instead it’s just a choreographed dance routine with big glow sticks instead of ribbons.

    Nobody can tear the Prequels apart like Red Letter Media, you're better off going on there and watching Plinkett's reviews.

    This had some good points, but the execution was stupid.

    I refuse to watch this video and have the one redeeming attribute of the Phantom Menace taken away from me.

    i hate you casey

    I’ve always loved the way people duck kicks in the battles in episodes 1-3.
    It’s fine to block laser fire and other swings from lightsabers (sometimes several at once) but all kicks must be ducked!


      I assume you mean blocking with the lightsaber?
      I agree, let's see how well you fight when your leg goes flying off.

    The Video is Dumb it is making it look worse then it really is. I enjoy all Star wars instead of just bitching and moaning about everyhting that builds on hte universe which is what i find the best thing about Star wars its Expansive and indepth Universe.

    Is now a good time to question why warriors who can manipulate matter with their minds resort to antiquated close-range combat forms to settle things?

    No? Right. I'll save that one for later.

    I decided not to watch this...

    You swing at the enemy's weapon and not the enemy themselves so you can disarm them or at least throw them off balance thus drastically reducing the risk of you getting killed first and being able to deliver your final blow.

    Also, the enemy recovery time thing is not exactly a strictly Phantom Menace occurrence. It kinda happens in almost any and every action film whether it's involving swords, daggers, guns or whatever the weapon/s of choice is/are.

    I love the original trilogy to death but the lightsaber fights were a weak point considering how awesome the concept of the weapon is, Ep 1 definitely corrected that point.

    I disliked all the lightsaber battles from the prequels... Don't even get me started on the absurdity of all the crap that goes on with lightsabers in Episode II...

    The original trilogy saber battles didn't have flashy coreography and acrobatics for 30 minutes, because that would have been dumb. What they did have were well-paced duels that borrowed more from classic Samurai 'Kurosawa'-type dramatic action sequences that have more to do with character relationships and plot development than they do with showmanship.

    I was young with Episode I came out, and I did buy into the hype to and extent if I recall, but at no point did I ever see the lightsaber battle for anything more than a bland dance with no substance. I mean come on... Darth Maul even throws his hand out in a artsy-dance-y kind of way at one point

      *young when Episode I came out

    The lightsaber battles in the prequels did, and still do put every other of the original trilogy's fights to shame. You forget that the people portraying the characters are in fact actors and not actual sith or jedi. Of course when you cut and slow down the movements of the actors it's not going to look real. You can chop and slow down every freakin' movie ever and scrutinize it for mistakes all you want, you're only ruining the magic for yourselves.

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